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    • Lavinia Costantino   

      Growing up with Mindfulness

      A Guide to raising peaceful Children and Youths

      This book is a roadmap for all adults – not necessarily parents – who want to live a more aware, attentive and adventurous relationship with children and youths, as they rediscover that happiness is not an extra in life but an actual birthright.

      It is a guide that helps us to take care of ourselves in our educational role and then look after the children and adolescents we care about; it teaches us how to rethink what it means to grow up, making happiness the number one educational priority.

      Each of the book’s six sections is enriched by practical suggestions, enabling us to approach mindfulness in a sustainable and welcoming manner. The book then delves into the practices of the heart, exploring qualities such as attention, kindness, acceptance and compassion. They are qualities that everyone possesses, but that mindfulness helps us to nurture in our relationship with children and youths. The last part of the book includes ideas for putting mindfulness into practice at home and in the classroom, with expressive games, guided practice and thematic narratives available both in print and as audio tracks.

    • Carolina Traverso   

      Simply Single

      Reflections and mindfulness Practices to love Yourself, connect with Others and enjoy a Life full of Love

      A book you can read again and again as you learn how to look after yourself, whenever your love life takes a left turn and you need to feel wanted, reassured and less alone.

      This is an essay to remind us that we all deserve plenty of love in all of its forms; that we shouldn’t be afraid, guilty or ashamed of rediscovering the value of being single as a transitional phase, as a possible choice or as an inner state. You can live the book to the fullest thanks to the author's experience as a mindfulness teacher, as you take advantage of the 7 audio files (accessible via QR Code) containing guided meditations and reflections. The book also includes a personal practice sheet.

    • Cristian Fracassi    Federico Vincenzi   

      All in one Breath

      The Engineer, the Valve and the Mask: a Story of Fear, Hope and Success

      This is a story of hope amidst the Covid emergency – the story of Cristian Fracassi and the Isinnova team, who braved countless dangers and difficulties to devise winning solutions that would enable the sick to breathe again.

      Thanks to their courage, intelligence, tenacity and, above all, their generosity, the people at Isinnova delivered live-saving solutions ranging from 3D-printed valves to repurposed snorkel masks. The efforts of this formidable team of doctors and engineers has led to the recovery of many patients, in a worldwide international case of life-saving innovation – from Brescia to Rio de Janeiro – so much so that the valve and mask they created are now on display at MOMA in New York.

      Written in novel form and featuring first-hand testimonies from the protagonists themselves, the book is an exciting, real-time story that investigates feelings, fears and decisions – for this is what a hero’s story is made of.

      As Giornale di Brescia editor commented, this is a book to be read “all in one breath, as well as with a few tears.”

    • Martina Vazzoler   

      Digital Man

      Towards a new human Paradigma in the digital Age

      #Homodigitalis speaks to “analog natives” in search of their lost identity, but also to generations of adults and their sense of inadequacy in the face of the Digital Revolution.

      In these extraordinarily complex times, adults have given up their role as leaders for younger generations and youths claim the right to have their say in the decisions that concern them. The most telling case is the environmental issue led by Greta Thunberg. The roles have been reversed: young people accuse old people of sabotaging their future, while adults accuse youths of irreverence, blaming technology for triggering their disobedience.

      We don’t need solutions or answers, just the right question that will enable us to start over again: which technology will lead us to an improved version of ourselves? The Digital Revolution could then become a can’t-be-missed opportunity to re-read the present from a less schizophrenic perspective and build a more inclusive future for all generations, old and new.

    • Anna Torretta    Eleonora Delnevo    Dorota Bankowska   


      Bravery, Courage, Hope

      How do you make adventurous dreams come true? The engaging and surprising answer is at the heart of WhiteOut a book written by three extraordinary women who have in common their love for climbing and water in all its forms: from the ice crystals on mountain peaks to the agitated darkness of the marine abyss.

      By the end of their intertwined stories, unfolding from Chamonix to Cyprus, it will have become clear and uplifting the journeys of soul searching are just as challenging as exploring the unknown. WhiteOut – the Mountaineering term used to describe a potentially-fatal complete loss of orientation -, represents precisely those challenges in all their forms.

      Lola is confined to a wheelchair after an icefall she was climbing, ruptured and crushed her 40m to the ground. Dot is a petite Pole, forever engaged in holding her own in a field dominated by men; she is one of a handful of alpha women commercial divers in the world, on welding duty on North Sea oil platforms, to lengthy gigs shooting big Hollywood underwater movies. And Anna is the only woman world champion athlete and mountain guide at the Italian foot of Mont Blanc, member of prestigious Courmayeur Mountain Guide Society.

      WhiteOut is how they became friends to dream about exploring the world and themselves. WhiteOut is standing up for one another, before competing against each other. WhiteOut, with a collection of enthralling photos of the protagonists in their special environments -, is a wonderful book of human endeavour, for all those seeking courage, audacity and hope, to overcome huge difficulty with a little help from their friends.

    • Paola Favero    Sandro Carniel   

      Once upon a Wood

      The Trees tell Us the Climate Change. Will a Plant save the Planet?

      This book tells us how to look at, listen to and take care of the woods.

      A ranger and an oceanographer explain why it is crucial to protect the balance between humankind and the environment, and how nature has the wondrous ability to regenerate itself. It is a compelling read packed with stunning, exclusive pictures that show us how trees are born, grow and die, and reminds us of what happens when we fail to protect the woods.

      For instance, the north-east Vaia storm revealed undeniable signs of a teetering age-old balance, of forests no longer able to cope with environmental factors that have changed drastically over the centuries.

      This smooth, fact-filled read takes us on a journey through the complexity of ecosystems, the value of biodiversity and the urgency of environmental issues. It is a crucial book to help us understand the message that the woods are sending us and to restore the magic that trees can generate.

    • Francesca Cosentino   


      Nordic Art of Happiness

      This is an ideal journey into Nordic happiness (lycka), through Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – countries few people know very well but that are garnering more and more interest thanks to their lifestyles, culture, trends, creativity, modernity and beauty. The book is divided into five short sections, each with its own core topic and colour drawings, and features a collection of theme stories. Discover the four countries – from society and lifestyle to design, from local cuisine to culture and traditions, from the four capitals to Lapland, with geographical, historical, musical and literary references, like Nordic noir. Focus points on Sweden are especially numerous. With a direct, story-like style modelled on news reports and including quotes and keywords in original and in translation, the book offers accurate descriptions of places, events and people.

    • Beniamino Pagliaro   

      Pay Attention!

      Understanding Digital Economy can change your Life

      Attention is the currency of our day and age, even though we might not be aware of it. The world is overwhelming us with stimuli and news but our level of attention is terribly low. We’ve all been through it.

      This book explains how the attention issue touches everything – our daily life, from the supermarket to the sofa to the voting booth, from the consumer to the reader. It helps us to understand how Google, Facebook and all the major platforms use our attention.

      From Brexit to Trump, from the e-commerce scramble to extremism in the social media bubbles, the book illustrates and explains it all in a smooth, captivating manner, helping us to understand the times we live in.