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    • Tommaso Rossi    Cristina Caterina Rambaldini   

      Discovering and Understanding China

      A Handbook of History, Literature and Civilisation

      Written mostly in Chinese, the book features historical, literary and socio-cultural content for language students as well as readers interested in discovering the complex and multifaceted China universe.

      The book is divided into fifteen units that retrace Chinese history from its beginnings to the present day and explore literary aspects (author biographies, currents and extracts from around fifty original texts), as well as offering numerous cultural and topical ideas, often analysed from a comparative perspective.

      The careful use of vocabulary and syntax enables readers to progress from an A2+ to a B1+ level. The contents are conveyed in Chinese and each unit ends with a summary in Italian.

      Each reading includes glossaries in Italian as well as comprehension, textual analysis, writing and thematic comparison exercises. Furthermore, many of the texts include an audio recording to help improve oral comprehension.