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    • Umberto Nicolao   


      Technique and Applications

      This handbook goes in-depth into all the issues related to microphones and their manifold applications to translate sounds, noises and voices into microphone signals in order to record, measure, transmit, broadcast and process them.

      Microphones are for sound engineers, or more in general for anyone who uses them for work; they are like brushes and a palette for a painter: in a painting as in a sound recording, the level of the outcome depends on their knowledgeable use, as well as on the vision of what you want to represent.

      Microphones have countless applications, so knowing how to choose the most suitable type for each application and being able to use it with skill and creativity on the basis of the context and its technical characteristics are two indispensable tools for anyone focusing their professional activity on sound recording.

      This book is a much sought-after reference book to increase, expand or even just refresh one’s knowledge on the subject.

    • Stefano Poletti   

      The Videomaker’s Guide

      A smart Guide to the audiovisual World

      How do you make an effective video? How do you choose the right frame? How do you put a creative idea into writing? This is an enlightening journey behind the scenes of video making, from idea to execution.

      The book is a guide to the world of videomaking aimed at professionals as well as first-timers. It is packed with inspiring hints, tips and practical suggestions that are easy to understand; it also provides an organic description of the fundamental themes of video creation, like you have never seen before in just one book.

      The book is entirely colour-printed and features a number of explanatory graphs summarising themes and images from famous films used to analyse the various shooting techniques. It is designed in particular for students of directing, videomaking and photography, as well as for youtubers, instagrammers, influencers and anyone who wants to master the creative and technical processes behind the creation and execution of an audiovisual film. The book also features suggestions sourced from the author’s own experience in the industry.