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    • Guido Di Fraia   

      AI marketing

      A handbook for small, medium and large enterprises

      Guido Di Fraia is back with a fully comprehensive manual to help companies seize the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence in marketing and communication activities and, more broadly, in business.

      In the next few years, AI will become a dominant and far-reaching technology that will support us in every area of our daily and professional lives, becoming – much like electricity did back in the day – an indispensable commodity. Based on these premises, the book uses in-depth discussions, case studies and real how-to instructions to provide a detailed and operational vision of how AI solutions can be used to generate value in all the different phases of a marketing strategy. Thanks to the author’s signature pioneering vision, the book is a crucial tool to strategically design and implement artificial intelligence solutions for marketing and communication activities tailored to the specific needs of companies ranging from local to multinational.

    • Gaia Passamonti   

      Podcast Marketing

      Giving voice to a brand to achieve successful content strategy

      This is the first Italian manual that explains what branded podcasts are, how to design them and what value they bring to a content marketing strategy.

      In 2019, 12.1 million people in Italy listened to at least one podcast, compared to 10.3 in 2018, marking a 16% increase. The average listening time of a podcast is over 20 minutes. These data alone shows how the podcast medium can become a truly effective and innovative tool in your corporate communication and marketing strategy. The handbook contains all the tools you need to design successful podcasts in keeping with the narrative form needed to give voice to brand values in a way that is relevant to listeners. Marketing and communication managers of companies and agencies will find case histories and interviews with the protagonists of the Italian podcast world, enabling them to discover all the tools of the trade to understand what branded podcasts are, how to design them and how to integrate them effectively into a successful marketing plan.

    • Luca Bettoni   

      Nova Magic

      The art of exciting with cards

      The book offers a new vision of the magical arts, combining innovative and traditional elements of prestige in a unique and exciting manner.

      Magical effects are no longer only seen as the staging of the impossible; here, they act as a metaphor to communicate messages and emotions to the entire audience during a performance. The book is divided into two parts: a theoretical section, in which the most important points of nova magic are illustrated, and a second part featuring a collection of simple card games where the reader can progressively put the lessons from the previous section into practice.

    • Ezio Guaitamacchi   

      Love, Death & Rock’n’roll

      The final hours of 50 rock stars – An enthralling look behind the scenes

      The book is a collection of stories, grouped by “crime”, that detail the final hours of 50 rock stars.

      Rife with excess, extravagance, outrage, risk and recklessness, the lives of rock stars have often gone far beyond the wildest fantasies of a typical Hollywood script. Unfortunately, even their deaths have sometimes been the result of dramatic circumstances, incredible coincidences or unpredictable events. And most of the time they have been surrounded by a halo of mystery that has given rise to thousands of speculations. Written as a passionate and original noir, Love, death and Rock'n'Roll presents behind-the-scenes tidbits, curiosities, anecdotes and alternative reconstructions, while documenting everything with journalistic rigour and precision.

    • Donata Panciera   


      Techniques, Equipment and Recipes

      A handbook for ice cream makers who want to learn the tricks of the trade for delicious home-made gelato. Written by an author with decades of experience who has devised an outstanding, tried-and-tested ergonomic approach.

      The first part of the book details the history of Italian artisan gelato and describes the most common ingredients. Then all the main gelato-making techniques and their variants (sorbets and semifreddi) are laid out.

      The last part of the book is packed with mouth-watering recipes and pictures as well as practical and technological tips and tricks for applying the notions acquired throughout the book.

    • Francesca Legittimo   

      The Russian Sphinx

      An essay that explores Russian culture and society, delving into its many diverse facets and looking at literature, music, art, cinema, popular culture and folklore.

      A symbolically enigmatic figure, the sphinx is used in the book to represent Russia, a country that has always been mysterious and incomprehensible to the eyes of every Westerner.

      Building on this mythology, the author intends to remove the haze that envelops the land thanks to a series of keywords that do not always quite translate but do contain extraordinarily vast ranges of meaning that are crucial to penetrate the deepest soul of Russian reality.

      The journey begins with geography and reaches politics, passing through religion, everyday life, interpersonal relationships and the collective and personal history of a country erroneously linked to stereotypical images made of matryoshka dolls, vodka and icons.

    • Stefania M. Maci   

      English Tourism Discourse

      Insights into the professional, promotional and digital language of tourism

      The book explores the peculiarities of the English language in the field of tourism in all its promotional and professional aspects.

      The rapid development of the supply and demand chain in the tourism industry has forced the industry to adapt; in order to sell the same product to different targets and in different markets, tourism organisations must develop different textual genres that present content in a linguistically appropriate and convincing manner. By examining actual tourism material, the book highlights how tourism discourse in English dynamically reflects new trends in society and is a form of multimodal and hypertext communication that delivers exciting descriptions of destinations and conveys the idea that tourists are solely responsible for their choices. Aimed primarily at university or master's degree students, the book also caters to researchers or scholars of sector-based languages.

    • Cristian Fracassi    Federico Vincenzi   

      All in one Breath

      The Engineer, the Valve and the Mask: a Story of Fear, Hope and Success

      This is a story of hope amidst the Covid emergency – the story of Cristian Fracassi and the Isinnova team, who braved countless dangers and difficulties to devise winning solutions that would enable the sick to breathe again.

      Thanks to their courage, intelligence, tenacity and, above all, their generosity, the people at Isinnova delivered live-saving solutions ranging from 3D-printed valves to repurposed snorkel masks. The efforts of this formidable team of doctors and engineers has led to the recovery of many patients, in a worldwide international case of life-saving innovation – from Brescia to Rio de Janeiro – so much so that the valve and mask they created are now on display at MOMA in New York.

      Written in novel form and featuring first-hand testimonies from the protagonists themselves, the book is an exciting, real-time story that investigates feelings, fears and decisions – for this is what a hero’s story is made of.

      As Giornale di Brescia editor commented, this is a book to be read “all in one breath, as well as with a few tears.”

    • Luigi Onori    Riccardo Brazzale    Maurizio Franco   

      The History of Jazz

      The first investigation into the worldwide history of jazz, from the US to Europe and Italy. An easy read that retraces the trends of New Orleans’ music from its origins to today, exploring stars, styles and technology.

      A sound that characterises modernity and defines the twentieth century, jazz is universal in its creative and cross-cultural message. The collision between different worlds and traditions has engendered ongoing changes that have welcomed art and entertainment, high-brow and popular music, dance and rituals. Only jazz has lived its own life intertwined with music media, from 78 RPMs to liquid music. Jazz jamming and writing make it a colourful, multifaceted universe that has been able to express history.

      The book details the language of jazz from the cities, from New Orleans to Chicago; it tells us about the places where the history of jazz was made, from the Cotton Club to the Music Inn, as well as its many women and men, soloists, composers, arrangers and singers: from Louis Armstrong to Keith Jarrett, from Duke Ellington to Henry Threadgill, from Mary Lou Williams to Maria Schneider, from Bessie Smith to Norma Winstone.

    • Giorgio Chinnici   

      Democritus’ Dream

      The Atom from Antiquity to Quantum Mechanics

      The development of science throughout the history of mankind, on a quest to discover what the world is made of.

      The book moves from the reflections of the ancients to the great intellectual adventure in search of the atom, all the way to the modern description of how matter is made, how it interacts and the laws that govern it.

      We go from Democritus’ atomism to that of the 19th century with the discovery of the electron and the atomic nucleus, all the way to the revolution brought in by quantum mechanics that would eventually lead to quantum field theory and the discovery of antimatter. It is a journey interwoven with scientific and philosophical themes through the juxtaposition between vacuum and matter, continuous and discrete, part and whole, wave and particle, chance and necessity.