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    • Tommaso Rossi    Cristina Caterina Rambaldini   

      Discovering and Understanding China

      A Handbook of History, Literature and Civilisation

      Written mostly in Chinese, the book features historical, literary and socio-cultural content for language students as well as readers interested in discovering the complex and multifaceted China universe.

      The book is divided into fifteen units that retrace Chinese history from its beginnings to the present day and explore literary aspects (author biographies, currents and extracts from around fifty original texts), as well as offering numerous cultural and topical ideas, often analysed from a comparative perspective.

      The careful use of vocabulary and syntax enables readers to progress from an A2+ to a B1+ level. The contents are conveyed in Chinese and each unit ends with a summary in Italian.

      Each reading includes glossaries in Italian as well as comprehension, textual analysis, writing and thematic comparison exercises. Furthermore, many of the texts include an audio recording to help improve oral comprehension.

    • Mariano Diotto   


      Effective Marketing Strategy Tools and Techniques for Creatives and Marketers

      An introduction to neuromarketing – the discipline that merges traditional marketing with cognitive psychology, semiotics, linguistics, sociology and neuroscience.

      The book provides a solid cultural foundation for beginners and debunks many clichés as it guides readers through the basics of neuromarketing, while detailing the necessary tools to design an effective communication, advertising and marketing strategy.

      In order to stay in the market, managers, creatives, advertisers and marketers must be aware of the mental processes linked to customer experience, sensory perception, memory, emotions, the use of cognitive biases and archetypes, rationality and the interaction mechanisms between knowledge, learning and the customer's decision-making process.

      Thanks to its reader-friendly approach as well as its numerous tips and tricks, Neuromarketing allows you to easily soak up this wealth of knowledge and use it as a powerful ally in today's and tomorrow's companies in order to increase the success of traditional marketing.

    • Carlo Soave    Fiorenza De Bernardi    Umberto Fascio   

      Great Changes

      Evolution between Competition and Cooperation

      A wonderful journey into nature's grand designs, illustrated by evolutionary biology – the natural science concerned with describing the history of life on Earth.

      The authors show how every major evolutionary change is driven not only by the Darwinian struggle for life, i.e. competition, but also by another decisive factor, namely cooperation. Genes cooperate with each other in the genome, genomes in cells, cells in tissues, organs in organisms, organisms in populations; interaction generates new responses to environmental needs.

      From the history of life to extinctions and epigenetics, this book presents the pathways of evolution through curious examples of adaptations from the animal and plant kingdoms.

    • Giuliano Trenti   

      Applied Neuromarketing

      A scientific Approach to the marketing of the Future

      This book provides a marketing and communication method – paired with a vast body of scientific knowledge on the mind, brain and behaviour – that can be instantly applied to increase the success rate of one's own ventures.

      Why do companies of all shapes and sizes, led by experienced managers with significant resources at their disposal, end up launching so many projects that underperform or downright fail? The reason is the difficulty in understanding people's needs and the aspects that influence their purchasing decisions. Nowadays, though, we have the tools to engineer success and choose the more promising paths to follow.

      Applied Neuromarketing explains how to implement the most important notions of neuroscience and behavioural science; it provides a concise approach to entering the market, using methods that are not just about neuromarketing but also include a broader vision, aimed at understanding what drives people to buy in every possible context.

      The book includes the outcomes of practical case studies to guide you in making optimal business choices.

    • Marco Ciardi    Antonella Gasperini   

      Einstein's Piano

      Lives and Stories in the Balance between Florence, Europe and America

      The unpublished story of the piano given by Einstein to his sister Maja in 1931, against the backdrop of Fascist Italy.

      If objects could talk, imagine how many stories they could tell: the stories of the people they belonged to, but also the stories of the times they lived in. The story of Einstein's piano, which passed into the hands of painter Hans Joachim Staude and is now kept at the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, is studded with events that were sometimes wonderful, sometimes tragic, but never trivial. Its adventures played out alongside the lives of many men and women who had to face daily and epochal challenges, the common thread being music. Music bound their lives together in the decade in which racial laws were passed.

      Through sources and images, the book retraces the relationship between Einstein and Italy and especially Florence, investigating the history of Italy during the Fascist period in relation to music, art and culture, but also the Jewish question, the war, and emigration to the United States.

    • Philip Kotler    Riccardo Pozzoli    Giuseppe Stigliano   

      Onlife Fashion

      10 Rules for a World without Rules

      A study of the fashion market, particularly the high-end segment featuring top brands such as Gucci, Prada, Versace and YSL.

      In a time of sudden drastic changes, the fashion world has also experienced major transformations. Its boundaries, its rationale and its protagonists have been redefined and the process is bound to carry on. This book aims to provide fashion entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants and students with a framework that will allow them to interpret the state of the industry and guide its evolutions.

      In the first part, the authors analyse the forces behind the deep-running changes experienced by the fashion industry – the very changes precipitated by the ongoing pandemic. The second part details the ten guiding principles on which to build or rebuild the business models of fashion companies. The third and final part features interviews with the CEOs of leading high-end fashion companies as well as with some of the key digital players that have revolutionised the industry.

    • Davide Bertozzi   

      Images versus Words

      Writing and Designing advertising Messages

      A concise and effective guide to constructing advertising messages, training creativity and designing appropriate, accurate and effective communication.

      Images versus Words investigates advertisement writing and visual design, particularly the form and content of the messages we use to communicate, excite and sell.

      Images versus Words is a real training ground for copywriters, art directors, social media managers and creative directors, who will learn how to organise texts and images with taste and awareness – not by resorting to petty tricks or magic formulas but by applying well-proven, tried-and-tested empirical methods.

      In this journey down the sometimes exhilarating roads of advertising and the sometimes impervious paths of content design, where theory and technique meet in highly creative occasions, you will be treated to more than 50 images – after all, in a manual entitled Images versus Words it couldn’t be otherwise!

    • Marco La Rosa   


      How to make Communication and Content more effective thanks to Neuromarketing

      This is the first Italian handbook that explains how to apply neuromarketing and neuroscience to storytelling, in order to create more usable and effective content.

      Thanks to its easy-to-read but rigorously scientific approach, it helps readers understand one of the new frontiers opened by neuroscience: the creation of effective contents constructed thanks to the knowledge of the brain and how it reacts, learns and focuses.

      The author indicates the key points and the most recent discoveries, stressing risks and opportunities. Specific attention is given to Italian experiences through interviews with researchers and experts and the presentation of some business cases.

      The book is designed for marketers and UX writers as well as for communication professionals in general; it is especially suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for vocational trainees.

    • Michele Bruno    Pietro Buttè    Gabriele Galeani    Vincenzo Natile    Guido Tarizzo   

      Managing Fluid Business

      Management Experiences to thrive in the Age of Uncertainty

      Five of Italy's most qualified management experts provide accurate, knowledgeable and concrete answers to questions about what companies need to really grow in their current markets or to make headway in new ones, while understanding what holds back development and what solutions can boost it.

      The book answers these and many other questions, examining specific cases, constructing solid and measurable intervention models, and thoroughly investigating the relevant issues from multiple angles.

      This is not a technical handbook, nor is it simply an illustration of corporate know-how. Rather, it is a jointly authored essay that offers a constructive and thoroughly insightful reflection based on first-hand national and international experiences on the reasons for the difficulties that many companies find in their path. It also shows how to transform risk and difficulties into opportunities for growth and accelerated development.

    • Fulvio Julita   

      Telling your Story Online

      From Freelancers to SMEs – Storytelling for Digital Marketing

      Learning to tell your story online is the key to getting recognised and creating the conditions for selling. As the author explains, if your customers cannot perceive what sets you aside from others, they’ll end up using that one go-to parameter – the lowest price.

      So how can small businesses draw on their own heritage of stories, knowledge and values to stand out? How can the Internet and social media be used to gain exposure, build up a reputation and find new customers?

      Fulvio Julita explains the ins and outs of storytelling for small businesses, as well as the steps to set the objectives of the narrative, organise an editorial plan, and shape the content. The book will guide you through the development of your very own strategy with practical examples, exercises and downloadable fact sheets. It also provides plenty of advice on writing, photography, video and digital channel management, as well as a description of the Five Jar and SIEPE methods: the former explains how to write content for social media, whereas the latter shows how to organise an editorial plan and stimulate creativity. Both are extraordinary tools to tell your story online the right way, right from the start.