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    • Lavinia Costantino   

      Growing up with Mindfulness

      A Guide to raising peaceful Children and Youths

      This book is a roadmap for all adults – not necessarily parents – who want to live a more aware, attentive and adventurous relationship with children and youths, as they rediscover that happiness is not an extra in life but an actual birthright.

      It is a guide that helps us to take care of ourselves in our educational role and then look after the children and adolescents we care about; it teaches us how to rethink what it means to grow up, making happiness the number one educational priority.

      Each of the book’s six sections is enriched by practical suggestions, enabling us to approach mindfulness in a sustainable and welcoming manner. The book then delves into the practices of the heart, exploring qualities such as attention, kindness, acceptance and compassion. They are qualities that everyone possesses, but that mindfulness helps us to nurture in our relationship with children and youths. The last part of the book includes ideas for putting mindfulness into practice at home and in the classroom, with expressive games, guided practice and thematic narratives available both in print and as audio tracks.

    • Marco Ciardi    Antonella Gasperini   

      Einstein's Piano

      Lives and Stories in the Balance between Florence, Europe and America

      The unpublished story of the piano given by Einstein to his sister Maja in 1931, against the backdrop of Fascist Italy.

      If objects could talk, imagine how many stories they could tell: the stories of the people they belonged to, but also the stories of the times they lived in. The story of Einstein's piano, which passed into the hands of painter Hans Joachim Staude and is now kept at the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, is studded with events that were sometimes wonderful, sometimes tragic, but never trivial. Its adventures played out alongside the lives of many men and women who had to face daily and epochal challenges, the common thread being music. Music bound their lives together in the decade in which racial laws were passed.

      Through sources and images, the book retraces the relationship between Einstein and Italy and especially Florence, investigating the history of Italy during the Fascist period in relation to music, art and culture, but also the Jewish question, the war, and emigration to the United States.

    • Giuliano Trenti   

      Applied Neuromarketing

      A scientific Approach to the marketing of the Future

      This book provides a marketing and communication method – paired with a vast body of scientific knowledge on the mind, brain and behaviour – that can be instantly applied to increase the success rate of one's own ventures.

      Why do companies of all shapes and sizes, led by experienced managers with significant resources at their disposal, end up launching so many projects that underperform or downright fail? The reason is the difficulty in understanding people's needs and the aspects that influence their purchasing decisions. Nowadays, though, we have the tools to engineer success and choose the more promising paths to follow.

      Applied Neuromarketing explains how to implement the most important notions of neuroscience and behavioural science; it provides a concise approach to entering the market, using methods that are not just about neuromarketing but also include a broader vision, aimed at understanding what drives people to buy in every possible context.

      The book includes the outcomes of practical case studies to guide you in making optimal business choices.

    • Marco La Rosa   


      How to make Communication and Content more effective thanks to Neuromarketing

      This is the first Italian handbook that explains how to apply neuromarketing and neuroscience to storytelling, in order to create more usable and effective content.

      Thanks to its easy-to-read but rigorously scientific approach, it helps readers understand one of the new frontiers opened by neuroscience: the creation of effective contents constructed thanks to the knowledge of the brain and how it reacts, learns and focuses.

      The author indicates the key points and the most recent discoveries, stressing risks and opportunities. Specific attention is given to Italian experiences through interviews with researchers and experts and the presentation of some business cases.

      The book is designed for marketers and UX writers as well as for communication professionals in general; it is especially suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for vocational trainees.

    • Daniele Follero    Luca Masperone   

      The History of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

      Designed as an all-encompassing tale made of stories and insights, exploring touchstone bands and seminal albums, this book tells us about the hardest facets of rock, from the English grandchildren of Chicago blues to the most extreme metal experiences in recent decades.

      In 2020, heavy metal celebrated 50 years. But the urge to crank up the amps has its roots in a group of British blues-loving bands like The Who, The Yardbirds and The Kinks who, in the Beatles’ heyday, wanted to make their sound more powerful, experimenting with distortion and equipment capable of sustaining unthinkable decibel levels. Soon enough, a whole new paradigm was created, leading to the birth of hard rock giants like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, and heavy metal giants like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and AC/DC. Over the years, influences have been traded back and forth between Europe and the United States; hard rock and heavy metal have passed through different phases, from the underground dimension of the thrash scene to the commercial peak of the Eighties; from the fury of death metal to the atmospheres of black metal; from the contaminations of the Nineties to all the varieties of the new millennium; and the new ways of interacting brought about with social networks and streaming.

      The book’s forewords are penned by Michael Weikath (Halloween) and Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride). The book itself is divided into independent sections that follow a basic chronological order but also explore the broader themes of hard rock and heavy metal as a whole, focussing on the different scenes and their social context. The book also takes a look at the Italian hard & heavy scene.

    • Fulvio Julita   

      Telling your Story Online

      From Freelancers to SMEs – Storytelling for Digital Marketing

      Learning to tell your story online is the key to getting recognised and creating the conditions for selling. As the author explains, if your customers cannot perceive what sets you aside from others, they’ll end up using that one go-to parameter – the lowest price.

      So how can small businesses draw on their own heritage of stories, knowledge and values to stand out? How can the Internet and social media be used to gain exposure, build up a reputation and find new customers?

      Fulvio Julita explains the ins and outs of storytelling for small businesses, as well as the steps to set the objectives of the narrative, organise an editorial plan, and shape the content. The book will guide you through the development of your very own strategy with practical examples, exercises and downloadable fact sheets. It also provides plenty of advice on writing, photography, video and digital channel management, as well as a description of the Five Jar and SIEPE methods: the former explains how to write content for social media, whereas the latter shows how to organise an editorial plan and stimulate creativity. Both are extraordinary tools to tell your story online the right way, right from the start.

    • Gabriele Ghisellini   

      Fiat Lux

      The Leitmotif of modern Physics

      The history of light – a crucial part of the universe’s life – goes hand in hand with the great discoveries of modern physics, from the first attempts to measure the speed of light itself to relativity and quantum mechanics.

      The book explains the nature of light: its behaviour both as a wave and as a particle; Newton's spectrum of colours; Maxwell's electromagnetic waves; how gravity curves space and thus the trajectories of light rays; the issue of general relativity. The last chapter details the various ways in which light is produced, in a straightforward, reader-friendly manner.

      Through anecdotes, curiosities and examples, the book explores where and how light is produced and goes as far as Hawking radiation, lasers and antimatter.

    • Chiara Bergonzi   


      Specialty Coffee – Roasting and technical tasting – Espresso and Brewing – Latte art and vegetable Drinks

    • Chiara Bergonzi   


      Specialty Coffee – Roasting and technical tasting – Espresso and Brewing – Latte art and vegetable Drinks

      Here is the world of coffee from A to Z for professionals and demanding consumers, with every phase of the production and roasting process up to technical tasting and cupping detailed by a stand-out figure in the industry.

      The book is divided into sections packed with photos, illustrations, infographics and focus call-outs, providing plenty of information on the product and the figures involved in the coffee supply chain: producers, traders, roasters, baristas and specialty baristas.

      The first part of the book draws on the author's real-life plantation experiences to detail the journey from the coffee plant seed to the harvest, the coffee’s classification, the journey to the countries where the coffee is consumed and the lesser-known aspects of cultivation. This is the culture of Specialty, or high-traceability coffee.

      The second part of the book looks at the more technical aspects of coffee: defect analysis, roasting, tasting techniques and elements of sensory analysis, standard and alternative extraction techniques. Subjects such as latte art and vegetable drinks are also touched upon.

    • Mauro Mahjoub    Lucio Tucci   

      The Americano Hour

      The First Italian Cocktail

      As well as being the cornerstone of Italian mixing, the Americano is also the most popular drink of all times. Here, its mysterious origins are explored, as well as the legends and anecdotes that have made it an icon, along with the twists of famous bartenders.

      So many stories and recipes go into one glass of this iconic cocktail. The Americano wins over the most diverse palates thanks to its bittersweet taste coming from a blend of two Italian giants, namely Vermouth and Campari. The Americano has a long and exciting history that the authors have retraced thanks to historical documents and recipes, in order to share it with the world of bartending. When did the Americano really arrive in Italy? De Roberto mentioned it in his 1895 book on love, talking about “a kind of vermouth-bitters-soda water that whets the appetite and sets up digestion.”

      This book is the story of the first mixed drink in Italy, which later gave rise to other cocktails such as the Negroni and the Negroni Sbagliato. After an absorbing historical journey, the focus shifts to the basic recipe of this iconic cocktail and then goes into detail with variations by national and international bartenders, making the book a must for cocktail amateurs and professionals alike. Learn everything about this traditional Italian drink – the symbol of the Italian aperitif.

    • Paolo Alessandrini   

      A Mathematical Bestiary

      Monsters and freakish Creatures in the Realm of Numbers

      The beauty of mathematics is generally linked to the idea of simplicity, perfection and harmony; but mathematics can also be unsettling, shocking or even monstrous. The aim of this book is to show that many branches of mathematics do indeed reach into the dark side.

      The book is presented as a sort of bestiary, much like its mediaeval namesakes; it takes readers on a journey to discover incredible numerical “creatures”, illustrating their quirks, deformities and unlikely features. Divided into fourteen chapters (each one dedicated to a kind of mathematical creature), the book lays out the never-ending challenges faced by mathematicians over the centuries in their attempt to explain and tame numbers, in a no-holds-barred war that sometimes morphs into a tormented love story or a long tale of magicians and spells made of formulas and theorems.

      The topics have been selectedbased on their degree of “monstrosity” and form a puzzle bound to appeal to novice and experienced readers alike. The author moves from negative numbers to infinity; presents geometries that seem to defy common sense, from Escher's drawings to fractals; and explores disconcerting logical paradoxes. They are all surprising and unexpected mathematical monsters – and this is the real secret to their shocking beauty.