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    • Terry Monroe   

      Chromo Cocktail

      Colour Chemistry in Contemporary Mixology

      How do colours affect the creation of a cocktail and how should they be balanced in a glass? In this book, the “spice master bar-lady” explains the secret colour combinations in contemporary mixology.

      Describing a watermelon magenta, a basil green, a lemon yellow, a liquorice black, a strawberry red or a chocolate brown is easy because their names describe the expectations you’ll have when tasting them. However, everyone has their own imagery of a sky blue, therefore the author tries to make it objective by creating a sky-blue cocktail that anyone can recognize.

      Here cocktails are conceived between stills, mortars, scales, stoves, ampoules, decorated vases filled with cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and many other elements of unconventional concoctions. In this manual, the author explains how to make a cocktail starting from the colour taken from natural ingredients and food colourings to create a new drink that can stimulate discerning consumers.

      99 well-known cocktails are present, which have been reinterpreted by the author, complete with photographs and a technical preparation sheet.

    • Federico Mastellari   

      Cocktails From Around the World

      All the IBA 2023 Official Cocktails and the Great Drinks Excluded

      Edited by Federico Mastellari, this edition has been updated to the official IBA 2023 list, with the most well-known, successful, and appreciated cocktails by the International Bartending Association, but also the great drinks left off the list.

      The book is divided into three sections: the first two sections collect all the information a bartender should know to mix and make a cocktail (spirits and other ingredients, equipment, glasses, cocktail construction techniques and “homemade” preparations from raw materials).

      The third section is the core of the book: a description sheet is given for each cocktail, showing photos of the drink, historical notions, the official IBA 2023 recipe, the recipe with products and balances suggested by the author, the description of the preparation and tips not to be missed, the alcohol content and the flavour.

      The photographs have always been edited by Felix Reed, one of the 200 best advertising photographers in the world.

    • Mauro Colombo    Luigi Ferro    Maurizio Harari    Andrea Maietti    Roberto Torti   

      1908 F.C. Inter

      The Stories

      In a new, revised and updated edition, the breathtaking history of the craziest team in Italy (never relegated to Serie B), narrated and coloured in black and in blue.

      From the original Inter to Ambrosiana that used to play at the Arena, from Angelo to Massimo Moratti, going through the eras of Fraizzoli and Pellegrini, up to the Chinese Inter.

      The story of over a century of events for a team that has reserved, and still reserves, the height of excitement and depths of despair, racing hearts and passions (with no comparison with its historic rivals).

      Introduced by Massimo Moratti, this book has been written by five “obsessed” Inter fans (esteemed professionals and academics) and is enriched with illustrations by Osvaldo Casanova, a cult illustrator in the world of football.

      A book to take in your hands and read in the (many) moments of celebration and despair. Because this is Inter.

    • Roberto Caselli   

      The History of Black Music

      From the Origins of Gospel to Blues, from Jazz to Soul and R&B, from Funky to the Hip-hop and Trap Revolution

      From blues to jazz, from soul to funky, from R&B to rap, the history of Afro-American music and song described through the social and political aspects that have influenced its extraordinary adventure.

      In the history of Black music, blues and gospel represent the origin of everything, they emerged as a way to process the existence of the individual but also as a collective reaction to the drama of slavery. Over time, these music genres have evolved into others and others more. But what were the social situations that determined their origin and diffusion? What is the common trait that describes the journey towards awareness of Afro-Americans and their rebellion?

      This book intends to investigate among the folds of these historical moments and explore the ethical, social and religious reasons that gave rise to all the kinds of music that developed from seminal blues and gospel to reach, through jazz, soul, funky, reggae and rap, and trap music, the most recent important form of musical expression invented by the Black community.

      This is the first book, in Italy, to address Black music from a historical, musical and socio-political viewpoint, without neglecting society.

    • Alessandro Chiarucci   

      The Arks of Biodiversity

      How Can We Save Some Nature for the Future

      A scientific and ethical approach to the preservation of some completely virgin patches of nature, to safeguard the future of humankind.

      The book addresses the problem of the extinction of wildlife and plants by proposing solutions to mitigate the collapse in Anthropocene. For example, a deal to ensure the natural processes that guarantee the survival of biodiversity on just a small fraction (10%) of our planet.

      From Linnaeus to Alexander von Humboldt and Darwin, the history of nature and of evolution is described, also passing through the disappearance of species or the replacement of some species with others, in a constant adaptation process to keep life on Earth.

    • Paolo Gila    Maurizio Mazziero   

      Treasure Maps

      The Geopolitics of Raw Materials: the Real Strategic Challenge of the 21st Century

      Who produces lithium for electric car batteries? Where can copper and cobalt be found? An essay on the geopolitics and current affairs to understand the strategic role of raw materials in the present and future economy, where new countries are emerging and growing in their production activities, consumption and international relations.

      Considering the intense manufacturing development and a substantial population increase in various parts of the world, in future years the West and the BRICS (enlarged to 11 nations from 1 January 2024) will face even stronger competition for finding industrial metals, rare earths, food, natural fibres, as well as gas and oil.

      Hence an effort to understand – supported by clear colour maps – where these treasures can be found and where the largest reserves are hidden. Looking ahead, the countries that will dominate the scene will be those that know how to wisely stock everything needed for the production and commercial cycles. A strategic challenge that sees the two superpowers, US and China, already in open confrontation for world domination.

    • Fabrizio Mercandelli    Carol Visconti   

      Fun Tai Chi

      A User-funny Handbook

      A Tai Chi manual explained in a fun and accessible way, with theoretical lessons and practical exercises together with Master Shifu, who sneaks in between one chapter and the next.

      It is believed that Tai Chi strengthens the body and mind, increases vitality, dispels stress, strengthens self-confidence, stimulates creativity and improves the immune system. This is therefore the purpose of this book: not just a simple sports manual, but to rediscover our inner well-being, having fun and without ever losing sight of the authoritativeness of this discipline.

      This book is organized into two sections: The Yin World (the theoretical, philosophical, and spiritual part) and, by rotating the book, it is possible to be immersed in The Yang World (practical and combat lessons).

      Practical lessons include 5 blocks of exercises (all illustrated): the 10 basic positions of Tai Chi all connected to QR codes that link to demonstrative video-lessons, the 8 techniques, the 8 fundamental exercises or the 8 pieces of brocade, the game of the 5 animals, the 24-form, famous all over the world and illustrated in the book and explained step by step.

      Kung Fu Song is a song specifically made to accompany all the video-lessons and simplify learning the terminology and the positions.

    • Claudio Colombo   

      Head Down

      Kinshasa, 30 October 1974 Ali vs Foreman, the Dawn of a Revolution

      On 30 October 1974, in Kinshasa, Zaire, Muhammad Ali and George Foreman faced each other in a challenge between two boxers opposite in terms of character, personality, and technique: “The Rumble in the Jungle”.

      It was one of the most enthralling and surprising matches in the history of boxing: not just a display of muscles and vigour, but also an exercise in tactical skills and strategic intuitions, physical resilience, and mental power. In short: the match of the century.

      In this book, containing rare pictures, Claudio Colombo retraces the history of that match, in a fascinating mixture of the exciting moments of the fight and the stages of its complex organisation.

      The success of this visionary event went beyond every expectation and became timeless as still, half a century later, the Kinshasa “Rumble” is very much alive in the memory and legends of modern boxing.

    • Franco Dassisti    Michelangelo Iossa   

      Swinging 60s

      Music, Cinema, Fashion, Art and Culture in London in the 1960s

      The richest, most updated and comprehensive guide to discover (or rediscover) a legendary period in the history of music, art and culture: the fabulous 1960s.

      On 5 October 1962, the first single by the Beatles (Love Me Do) and the first James Bond movie (Dr. No) were simultaneously released. Since that day, global pop culture has never been the same: it was the day on which the “fabulous 1960s” began, the most creative and stimulating decade of the 20th century.

      Drawing on that coincidence, this book (enriched by captivating graphics in the style of the period and by historical pictures) retraces the legend of a season that entirely shook up the world of music, cinema, arts, fashion and society. Not by chance, in those days Diana Vreeland, editor-in-chief of Vogue, called London “Swinging”, i.e. trendy, or better: “the most swinging city in the world”.

      From the primordial soup of the 1950s until the “end of the dream” in 1970, the book focuses on a journey where music was the catalyst that inspired and received inspiration from other forms of artistic expression, thus creating a revolutionary movement and a counterculture that was able to take over the world.

    • Sara Taddeo   

      It Takes Courage

      For a sustainable and inclusive Business

      This is a book on courage in business. You will discover which personal qualities and organisational cultures nurture courage and contribute to innovation and the growth of a sustainable and inclusive business.

      Sara Taddeo puts courage at the heart of the skill set needed to navigate the challenges of the 2030 Agenda. Weaving together business cases, interviews and reflections on how to foster a culture of courage, she proposes an approach that sees diversity and inclusion as a way to design a new pact between people and businesses.

      The book is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, HR directors, DE&I specialists and HR enthusiasts. It includes inspiring courage-training exercises.