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    • Albano Marcarini   

      The Pointless World Atlas

      100 Places that didn’t make History

      This is an atlas of geographically sorted geo-political anomalies of past and present. The charts are just ambiguous enough to make you second-guess them – it is up to you to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. You can even just go with the flow – after all, we know that when it comes to outdoing fiction, nothing beats fact.

      The atlas consists of one hundred double-page charts. The left-hand page features the chart’s title, its geographical coordinates, its location on the map and its story; the right-hand page features the chart’s cartographic details created by the author himself by borrowing from a variety of sources. Rounding out the book is a guide on how to get to the places described in the book itself, a bibliography and an index of geographical names.

      This atlas was created out of a sincere desire for revenge against all the architects, surveyors, astronauts, programmers, despots and tyrants who insist on favouring the concept of space – or, even worse, cyberspace – over that of place. The author’s incurable illness is, in fact, recognised by science under the name “topophilia”, i.e. love of place.

    • Gianroberto Marelli   

      Media Training

      How to communicate effectively and confidently in video

      The first Italian book on Media Training: a method to help people become aware on how to communicate effectively and confidently in video by means of practical tools.

      While many indicators show a clear growth of the audio world, video communication still remains the main channel for success in spreading a message to the largest possible audience.

      Gianroberto Marelli, a television director with many years in a managerial career for the Mediaset group, includes in this book all his education and experience, creating an unusual video communication method which combines robust neuroscientific foundations and a practical journey to acquire the necessary elements for effective communication, beyond the video where it takes place.

      This is an innovative book for businesspeople, politicians, teachers offering remote teaching and anyone who intends to improve their way of video communication for the purpose of appearing on TV, in a YouTube video, during an Instagram live, hosting a webinar or during a simple meeting.

    • Chiara Bergonzi   


      Specialty Coffee – Roasting and technical tasting – Espresso and Brewing – Latte art and vegetable Drinks

    • Chiara Bergonzi   


      Specialty Coffee – Roasting and technical tasting – Espresso and Brewing – Latte art and vegetable Drinks

      Here is the world of coffee from A to Z for professionals and demanding consumers, with every phase of the production and roasting process up to technical tasting and cupping detailed by a stand-out figure in the industry.

      The book is divided into sections packed with photos, illustrations, infographics and focus call-outs, providing plenty of information on the product and the figures involved in the coffee supply chain: producers, traders, roasters, baristas and specialty baristas.

      The first part of the book draws on the author's real-life plantation experiences to detail the journey from the coffee plant seed to the harvest, the coffee’s classification, the journey to the countries where the coffee is consumed and the lesser-known aspects of cultivation. This is the culture of Specialty, or high-traceability coffee.

      The second part of the book looks at the more technical aspects of coffee: defect analysis, roasting, tasting techniques and elements of sensory analysis, standard and alternative extraction techniques. Subjects such as latte art and vegetable drinks are also touched upon.

    • Federica Brancale   

      Beyond Design Thinking

      A practical Guide to innovation using Data and Creativity

      Beyond Design Thinking lays out strategies, models and techniques for solving complex problems and creating new ideas to make you stand out from the competition by combining analytical and creative thinking.

      The first part of the book presents the latest innovation theories and design thinking methods, using a language accessible to all readers. The second part goes deeper into the main topic, describing how data can be integrated into creative strategies developed by high-performance, play-driven teams.

      What makes the book ground-breaking is the combination of diverse elements such as data analysis, play, emotions and creativity in order to boost intuition.

      Rounding out the book are numerous case studies and the author's own hand-drawn colour canvas to aid understanding and simulation. This makes it particularly suitable for anyone who wants to learn design thinking as well as for analysts and marketers looking for cooperation-based consultancy techniques; it is also suitable for creative people keen on creating innovative product, business, communication and marketing strategies.

    • Stefano Besana   

      The Future of Work – Building Around People

      Building the Work and Society of the Future

      The Future of Work illustrates a new model of corporate organisation built around people while building value for society as a whole. These are and always will be the key ingredients for any successful business.

      What scenarios are going to play out in the world of work? What are the most successful approaches and lessons learnt from successful companies? And what might hinder an organisation’s concrete, effective and lasting transformation?

      The author answers these and other questions by laying out innovative takes on resilience, smart transformation, holacracy, automation and artificial intelligence applied to organisations.

      Case studies and stand-out contributions from academics and practitioners complete the handbook, making it a guide for leaders, managers and HR managers who wish to understand how to create new, more inclusive, collaborative and gender-friendly working models.

    • Nicoletta Cinotti   

      Love, Mindfulness and Relationships

      Mindful Qualities for Love without Misunderstandings

      The book accompanies you through all the stages of love – from falling in love to full-blown love and mature relationships – and investigates the importance of erotic intelligence in order to live a relationship with a healthy balance of emotional and physical intimacy.

      Loving would not be difficult if there were not so many misunderstandings and mistaken beliefs that make things complicated and confusing. A relationship begins with falling in love, then it sometimes turns into love and finally it can become a lasting relationship with friendly or passionate overtones that make each relationship unique. Each of these stages has its reasons and its obstacles to overcome.

      The book comes with audio files for practising mindfulness; it lays out the details of each stage and the tools to deal with the trials you might encounter on the road to peaceful and lasting love.

    • Riccardo Meggiato   

      Crime Science

      When Science solves Cases

      The book lays out the techniques, secrets and curiosities of forensic science, explaining them in a reader-friendly manner; it investigates famous cases so that we can better understand what we read in newspapers and see in films and TV series.

      Have you ever wondered how a murder case can be solved thanks to a single drop of blood? And how, on the other hand, a whole investigation can get screwed up in spite of seemingly seamless evidence such as DNA testing? The book shows how a fleck of skin, a hair or a leaf can lead to a name and surname. The most fascinating aspects include the main techniques used in forensic science, i.e. all the notions that come into play when evidence is found at a crime scene and needs to be analysed to solve the case.

      The book takes a rigorously scientific dive into numerous cases that have laid the foundations of current forensic techniques; even if you have no scientific experience, you will be able to follow along as the book explains the procedures and analyses, linking them to famous news cases and little-known historical curiosities.

    • Umberto Nicolao   


      Technique and Applications

      This handbook goes in-depth into all the issues related to microphones and their manifold applications to translate sounds, noises and voices into microphone signals in order to record, measure, transmit, broadcast and process them.

      Microphones are for sound engineers, or more in general for anyone who uses them for work; they are like brushes and a palette for a painter: in a painting as in a sound recording, the level of the outcome depends on their knowledgeable use, as well as on the vision of what you want to represent.

      Microphones have countless applications, so knowing how to choose the most suitable type for each application and being able to use it with skill and creativity on the basis of the context and its technical characteristics are two indispensable tools for anyone focusing their professional activity on sound recording.

      This book is a much sought-after reference book to increase, expand or even just refresh one's knowledge on the subject.

    • Gianluca Lentini   

      Climate Stories

      From Mesopotamia to the Exoplanets

      How many times has the climate changed in the past five thousand years? The book tells the complex and changing story of climatology, a science of nature as old as human civilisation.

      Ever since the Ice Age, the effects of climate change have affected the development of cultures and civilisations. Our journey begins in Mesopotamia, where special climatic conditions led to the first flourishing civilisations, and goes all the way to the latest research on the climate of planets far from Earth.

      Today, climatology is at the centre of the political and economic debate on global warming: while the climate triggered human development (rising temperatures are what made agriculture possible), now mankind is determining the climate.

    • Luca Orlandini   

      Conversion Strategies

      Business Validation, real Positioning, lead Generation

      The book is a practical guide to optimise your business idea, increase its effectiveness and identify the best way to launch it in the market and on the web.

      You will learn how to apply the most effective conversion strategy for your business, acquiring all the tools you need to become independent. You will also learn how to analyse your niche market in order to understand its potential and how to assess your budget.

      Finally, the book shows you how to enhance your brand positioning with personal branding and the ikigai method and how to adapt your content marketing to all levels of awareness.