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    • Sara Taddeo   

      It Takes Courage

      For a sustainable and inclusive Business

      This is a book on courage in business. You will discover which personal qualities and organisational cultures nurture courage and contribute to innovation and the growth of a sustainable and inclusive business.

      Sara Taddeo puts courage at the heart of the skill set needed to navigate the challenges of the 2030 Agenda. Weaving together business cases, interviews and reflections on how to foster a culture of courage, she proposes an approach that sees diversity and inclusion as a way to design a new pact between people and businesses.

      The book is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, HR directors, DE&I specialists and HR enthusiasts. It includes inspiring courage-training exercises.

    • Gabriele Marino    Bruno Surace   


      Understanding the Dynamics of hypersocial Communication

      This book provides a thorough understanding of the communicative and cultural dynamics of the top social media platform of the moment, thanks to the contribution of a group of scholars combining media studies, sociology, semiotics and linguistics.

      Complementing the reader-friendly theoretical framework is an interdisciplinary outlook that includes a series of thematic case studies: audiovisual formats and genres, sound and music, fashion and characters, language and slang, sexuality and modes of self-representation.

      The book is intended for the broader audience of people inside and outside universities who want to go beyond the inner workings of TikTok and understand its role as a sweeping socio-cultural phenomenon involving communication and marketing professionals, communication scholars and students of communication courses, creatives and content creators. It is also ideal for anyone looking for tools to fathom what is not just the “viral phenomenon of the week” or the “latest hot app”, but one of the most powerful forces in contemporary communication.

    • Gabriele Ghisellini   

      The Universe Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

      New Astronomies

      This is a guide to the exploration of the heavens and to the discoveries made thanks to powerful new telescopes, which have revealed a universe very different from the one we were used to.

      For thousands of years, astronomy relied on the human eye to observe the sky. But the stars do not just emit visible light: they also produce and radiate other types of light, from radio waves to gamma rays.

      Here, the author shows us a much more energetic, violent, variable and unpredictable cosmos, where neutron stars pack more mass than the Sun into a 10-km-radius sphere. He explains how infrared rays can be used to observe the birth of a star and the formation of a planet.

    • Stefano Pisoni    Arcangelo Caiazzo   

      Web3 Marketing

      NFT, DAO, DeFi and the Metaverse

      Web3 Marketing is a comprehensive handbook that allows everyone to understand the marketing opportunities offered by the technologies behind the metaverse and the broader Web3.

      After an introduction to how blockchain, cryptocurrencies and different types of NFTs work, the book goes on to show how to build an NFT community, how to use social media and how to set up an influencer marketing campaign for NFTs.

      Designed for professionals, entrepreneurs or anyone wishing to take advantage of the possibilities offered by one of today's major technological innovations, the book is rounded out by a glossary and an appendix dedicated to the best NFT coins by market capitalisation.

    • Simone Baroni   

      Nuclear Fusion. Myth or Reality?

      A possible Breakthrough for a new source of Energy

      This is a book to learn more about waste, ultra-safe reactors and attempts at energy efficiency, up to the search for Helium-3 on the Moon.

      After decades of testing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California was able to produce more energy than the amount used to trigger the reaction, giving concrete evidence of a breakthrough in energy production.

      This book explains all the background to the discovery and its effects. Above all, it calls for transparency in the communication of a chequered news story. After showing how energy is produced by fusing deuterium and tritium nuclei, the author explains the myth of the Q-factor and presents the results of other ongoing experiments around the world.

    • Federico Ferrero    Filippo Trojano   

      Smashing Rackets

      Tennis and breaking Moments

      This is a photographic and anecdotal journey through an explosive and somehow unique gesture in sport: the racket smash.

      Why smash a racket? Why did some tennis players never even think they could do it? All tennis players – even amateurs – have had a moment of rage when, for the first time, their precious racket ended up in smithereens.

      Filippo Trojano has shot dozens of studio pictures of smashed rackets, turning them into full-blown portraits; Federico Ferrero has complemented each shot with anecdotes and historical references. Rounding out the narrative are the words of tennis greats and archive photographs from the 1930s to the 1970s. The centrepiece, through and through, is the tennis racket.

      Foreword by Marco Lodoli.

    • Dario Silvestri   

      The Millionaire Brain

      Your Mind is the Key to Wealth

      Intelligence comes in many guises – emotional, logical and relational, just to name a few. This book aims to identify how you can achieve wealth through your own model of intelligence.

      The book is a real page-turner, explaining how the concept of wealth has evolved over the decades and what paths can be followed to achieve it.

      Becoming wealthy isn’t just a matter of mimicking what others have done, but rather of starting with yourself and learning to leverage your own features, qualities and needs in a completely different way.

      Your pathway to achieving a wealth-oriented mindset should be based on what makes you unique – your background, your influences, your wounds and the fears you have faced. While these are typically identified as limitations, they can actually be turned into your keys to success.

      The book uses clear, straight-forward language, providing plenty of examples and case studies; each chapter ends with a handy summary that can act as a precious stepping stone along your own path.

    • Simona Ruffino   

      Ethical Neuromarketing

      Listening to People to Build effective Brands

      This handbook highlights the theories, references to neuroscience literature, application methods and ethical reflections you need to know in order to design a business model oriented towards human value through neuromarketing.

      The first section combines theory and practice, focussing on the cognitive and emotional processes required for the predictive reading of purchasing behaviours and the construction of valuable brand identities.

      The second section reflects on humanistic capitalism and on utopia as a core concept in evolved business models, where ethics acts as the thread that weaves and binds the syntax of the entire marketing and communication process.

      This is a useful and inspiring volume for entrepreneurs, marketing and communication professionals and students, who will find turnkey strategic models and a modern, human and ethical vision of working.

    • Luca Gregorio    Riccardo Magrini   

      Close to the Clouds

      The great Climbers of modern Cycling

      From Van Impe to Pogacar, Pantani, Chiappucci, Nibali and Contador, these cyclists’ stories brim with success, aggression, courage and imagination. The book is a tribute to the sport’s greatest climbers, always able to keep fans on the edge of their seats at every uphill sprint.

      Cycling comes in all sorts of flavours. In the collective imagination, when we speak of the great multiple-stage competitions – Tour, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta – all the highlights come from the great climbers.

      This two-man effort by Eurosport commentators Luca Gregorio and Riccardo Magrini is based on the emotions triggered by ten selected climbers and takes us through the great exploits that marked their careers.

      The book includes a foreword by writer, mountaineer and standout cycling fan Mauro Corona.

    • Roberta Zantedeschi   

      Communicating and Writing to Find Work

      From CVs to Interviews

      This book aims to help job seekers learn how to communicate and write effectively so that they can hone one of the most sought-after professional skills: communicating to share and convince.

      In the first chapters, the author highlights the worth and the close correlation between communication, awareness and professionalism. Chapter by chapter, the book delivers copious practical insights, hands-on exercises and tips you can instantly implement to improve your self-communication and get the best out of three top job-seeking allies: your CV, LinkedIn and your job interview.

      What truly elevates this book is the insight provided by Zantedeschi, a long-time recruiter with years of experience in seeking, assessing and selecting staff for businesses. Here, she gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at her profession, laying out the mechanisms of communication imbued with worth, method and competence.