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    • Enrico Maddalena   


      Elements of Orientation and Topography for excursions, mountaineering, hiking, survival, soft air and orientation race

    • Enrico Maddalena   


      Elements of Orientation and Topography for excursions, mountaineering, hiking, survival, soft air and orientation race

      Aimed at those that are in close contact with natural environments, this book, now in its fourth edition and now fully in colour, examines various orienteering techniques, from classic techniques to the use of GPS, to geographical surveys for producing maps of small and large areas.

      One section is also devoted to orienteering as a professional sport, a discipline which requires reaching a series of checkpoints in the shortest possible time, with the support of paper and a compass. A useful final section is devoted to mountain meteorology.

      Many exercises are included in every chapter, together with their solutions. Attached to the book are two topographic maps of the Istituto Geografico Militare (Military Geographical Institute) on which exercises can be performed, a folder with a goniometer, a coordinatometer and various scale rulers. Software is also available online with specific interactive animations which explain the various techniques and tactics and the use of instruments, with the support of valid spreadsheets to solve without effort even the most complex topographic problems.

    • Arturo Di Corinto    Luca Poma   


      From Tokens to Blockchains – A Journey into immaterial Economy

      This is a long interview with Thomas Bertani, an Italian opinion-maker of the crypto-world, aimed at answering the main questions about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

      In 2021, Bitcoin reached a value of over 60,000 dollars per unit. Today, there are about 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the world and international research has shown that 100 million people trade them daily, generating a turnover of 300 billion dollars – almost 100 times the average daily turnover on the Milan Stock Exchange.

      But how do cryptocurrencies work? Is it true that they are used by fraudsters and organised crime?

      This book delves deep into the hottest and most controversial issues surrounding the often misunderstood world of cryptocurrencies; “electronic money” is often identified with the events surrounding the Bitcoin bubble and its allegedly illegal use that has created a sense of mistrust and distrust among many citizens. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency experiment is still going strong.

    • Gianroberto Marelli   

      Media Training

      How to communicate effectively and confidently in video

      The first Italian book on Media Training: a method to help people become aware on how to communicate effectively and confidently in video by means of practical tools.

      While many indicators show a clear growth of the audio world, video communication still remains the main channel for success in spreading a message to the largest possible audience.

      Gianroberto Marelli, a television director with many years in a managerial career for the Mediaset group, includes in this book all his education and experience, creating an unusual video communication method which combines robust neuroscientific foundations and a practical journey to acquire the necessary elements for effective communication, beyond the video where it takes place.

      This is an innovative book for businesspeople, politicians, teachers offering remote teaching and anyone who intends to improve their way of video communication for the purpose of appearing on TV, in a YouTube video, during an Instagram live, hosting a webinar or during a simple meeting.

    • Luca Orlandini   

      Conversion Strategies

      Business Validation, real Positioning, lead Generation

      The book is a practical guide to optimise your business idea, increase its effectiveness and identify the best way to launch it in the market and on the web.

      You will learn how to apply the most effective conversion strategy for your business, acquiring all the tools you need to become independent. You will also learn how to analyse your niche market in order to understand its potential and how to assess your budget.

      Finally, the book shows you how to enhance your brand positioning with personal branding and the ikigai method and how to adapt your content marketing to all levels of awareness.

    • Gianpaolo Bellini    Marco Bersanelli    Enrico Bonatti   

      From Quarks to Galaxies

      A Journey from micro- to macrocosm going through the Earth

      What makes up the matter that surrounds us? How did planet Earth form? How does the Universe evolve? Three academics, a subatomic physicist, an astrophysicist and a geophysicist, face the challenge to explain reality, going from microcosm to macrocosm.

      A book that examines from elementary particles to the stars: to show us that in the structure of matter there is nothing random and that our world is an infinitesimal point in the bottomless spaces of the Universe, among billions of stars. It is all enriched by the latest outcomes of the research project for which Bellini was a Nobel candidate: the Borexino experiment revealed the mystery of the neutrino, explaining why the sun and, in general all stars, shine.

      With a foreword by Roberto Battiston, physicist inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Astronautic Federation.

    • Roberto Garavaglia   

      Everything on NFTs

      Crypto art, token, blockchain and their applications

      From the author of the bestseller Tutto su Blockchain (Everything on Blockchain), the first book in Italy on NFTs, their applications and possible future developments.

      Everything on NFTs is a comprehensive guide that enables anyone to understand and experience the extraordinary developments of Crypto art and the changes introduced, thanks to blockchain, in the artist-user relationship.

      An NFT is a certificate attesting to the uniqueness, authenticity and ownership of a digital item (for example, an image, a video, a song or a simple tweet). Once it is "registered" in the blockchain through a smart contract a broker will no longer be required to certify who can use it. From that moment on, the creator of the NFT can obtain a profit from subsequent transactions: this eliminating of brokerage is the foundation of the great interest that the "NFT phenomenon" is generating among collectors and others as a possible form of investment.

      Roberto Garavaglia, thanks to his many years of experience in the field of digital payments, explains also to non-experts what NFTs are, how they are created, what distribution platforms are and how to navigate this new art economy that is "programmable" through tokens.

      The final section of the book focuses on the developments of NFTs outside the artistic sector: industries such as music and audiovisual, publishing, gaming and media, but also areas such as Digital Identity of items and digital marketing are possible new application frontiers.

    • Marta Inkedsoul   

      Tattoo & Piercing

      A complete professional Guide

      A book to make you skilled in this profession, which tells about the ancient tradition of body art, new regulations, tools, techniques and execution procedures for would-be tattooists and piercers.

      To be able to work in this field in Italy, it is required a certificate which is received by passing a regional test; all the topics involved in the test are thoroughly examined in this book.

      The book is divided into 5 sections, with the following features: an extensive chapter focused on drawing and art techniques; historical and current windows of analysis (e.g. rules to comply with in shops to avoid coronavirus); theoretical and practical tests and final exercises; interviews with two of the world’s best-known tattooists: Thomas Carli Jarlier and Matteo Pasqualin.

      The largest section focuses on the world of tattooing, works of art on skin which are analysed in detail in these pages and described with their technical innovations and the follow-up to being tattooed. Next is the study of the skin and sanitary rules and regulations for the profession and when opening a shop, and the world of piercing and permanent makeup.

    • Bruno Codenotti    Giovanni Resta   

      The Logic of Uncertainty

      Close Encounters with the Paradoxes of Probability

      The calculation of probability can help significantly in the small and big decisions of life, and Cicero had already encouraged to face uncertainty by being guided by examining the probability of events happening.

      In this book, using simple probability tools, the authors show with examples and anecdotes how uncertainty situations can be faced rationally, with logical and mathematical skills.

      Some of the themes examined, for example the birthday paradox and the Monty Hall problem, will show that our intuitive understanding of probabilities is not good at all, especially when estimating how frequently extremely unlikely events will occur.

    • Chiara Bergonzi   


      Specialty Coffee – Roasting and technical tasting – Espresso and Brewing – Latte art and vegetable Drinks

    • Chiara Bergonzi   


      Specialty Coffee – Roasting and technical tasting – Espresso and Brewing – Latte art and vegetable Drinks

      Here is the world of coffee from A to Z for professionals and demanding consumers, with every phase of the production and roasting process up to technical tasting and cupping detailed by a stand-out figure in the industry.

      The book is divided into sections packed with photos, illustrations, infographics and focus call-outs, providing plenty of information on the product and the figures involved in the coffee supply chain: producers, traders, roasters, baristas and specialty baristas.

      The first part of the book draws on the author's real-life plantation experiences to detail the journey from the coffee plant seed to the harvest, the coffee’s classification, the journey to the countries where the coffee is consumed and the lesser-known aspects of cultivation. This is the culture of Specialty, or high-traceability coffee.

      The second part of the book looks at the more technical aspects of coffee: defect analysis, roasting, tasting techniques and elements of sensory analysis, standard and alternative extraction techniques. Subjects such as latte art and vegetable drinks are also touched upon.

    • Federica Brancale   

      Beyond Design Thinking

      A practical Guide to innovation using Data and Creativity

      Beyond Design Thinking lays out strategies, models and techniques for solving complex problems and creating new ideas to make you stand out from the competition by combining analytical and creative thinking.

      The first part of the book presents the latest innovation theories and design thinking methods, using a language accessible to all readers. The second part goes deeper into the main topic, describing how data can be integrated into creative strategies developed by high-performance, play-driven teams.

      What makes the book ground-breaking is the combination of diverse elements such as data analysis, play, emotions and creativity in order to boost intuition.

      Rounding out the book are numerous case studies and the author's own hand-drawn colour canvas to aid understanding and simulation. This makes it particularly suitable for anyone who wants to learn design thinking as well as for analysts and marketers looking for cooperation-based consultancy techniques; it is also suitable for creative people keen on creating innovative product, business, communication and marketing strategies.