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    • Simona Ruffino   

      Ethical Neuromarketing

      Listening to People to Build effective Brands

      This handbook highlights the theories, references to neuroscience literature, application methods and ethical reflections you need to know in order to design a business model oriented towards human value through neuromarketing.

      The first section combines theory and practice, focussing on the cognitive and emotional processes required for the predictive reading of purchasing behaviours and the construction of valuable brand identities.

      The second section reflects on humanistic capitalism and on utopia as a core concept in evolved business models, where ethics acts as the thread that weaves and binds the syntax of the entire marketing and communication process.

      This is a useful and inspiring volume for entrepreneurs, marketing and communication professionals and students, who will find turnkey strategic models and a modern, human and ethical vision of working.

    • Marco La Rosa   


      How to make Communication and Content more effective thanks to Neuromarketing

      This is the first Italian handbook that explains how to apply neuromarketing and neuroscience to storytelling, in order to create more usable and effective content.

      Thanks to its easy-to-read but rigorously scientific approach, it helps readers understand one of the new frontiers opened by neuroscience: the creation of effective contents constructed thanks to the knowledge of the brain and how it reacts, learns and focuses.

      The author indicates the key points and the most recent discoveries, stressing risks and opportunities. Specific attention is given to Italian experiences through interviews with researchers and experts and the presentation of some business cases.

      The book is designed for marketers and UX writers as well as for communication professionals in general; it is especially suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for vocational trainees.

    • Giuliano Trenti   

      Applied Neuromarketing

      A scientific Approach to the marketing of the Future

      This book provides a marketing and communication method – paired with a vast body of scientific knowledge on the mind, brain and behaviour – that can be instantly applied to increase the success rate of one’s own ventures.

      Why do companies of all shapes and sizes, led by experienced managers with significant resources at their disposal, end up launching so many projects that underperform or downright fail? The reason is the difficulty in understanding people’s needs and the aspects that influence their purchasing decisions. Nowadays, though, we have the tools to engineer success and choose the more promising paths to follow.

      Applied Neuromarketing explains how to implement the most important notions of neuroscience and behavioural science; it provides a concise approach to entering the market, using methods that are not just about neuromarketing but also include a broader vision, aimed at understanding what drives people to buy in every possible context.

      The book includes the outcomes of practical case studies to guide you in making optimal business choices.

    • Mariano Diotto   


      Effective Marketing Strategy Tools and Techniques for Creatives and Marketers

      An introduction to neuromarketing – the discipline that merges traditional marketing with cognitive psychology, semiotics, linguistics, sociology and neuroscience.

      The book provides a solid cultural foundation for beginners and debunks many clichés as it guides readers through the basics of neuromarketing, while detailing the necessary tools to design an effective communication, advertising and marketing strategy.

      In order to stay in the market, managers, creatives, advertisers and marketers must be aware of the mental processes linked to customer experience, sensory perception, memory, emotions, the use of cognitive biases and archetypes, rationality and the interaction mechanisms between knowledge, learning and the customer’s decision-making process.

      Thanks to its reader-friendly approach as well as its numerous tips and tricks, Neuromarketing allows you to easily soak up this wealth of knowledge and use it as a powerful ally in today’s and tomorrow’s companies in order to increase the success of traditional marketing.

    • Mariano Diotto   


      Neuromarketing in Advertising and Brand Strategies for Marketers

      This is the first book on neurobranding to come out in Italy. It explains the principles of neuroscience and how to use them to improve brand identity communication and how to ethically model consumer behaviour.

      Mariano Diotto – a university lecturer and speaker at the main marketing events – has been the first to introduce neurobranding in Italy, using a new approach to brand positioning and communication strategies.

      In addition to a thorough theoretical study of the brain, archetypes and cognitive bias, the book includes an exhaustive selection of interviews and case studies, making it a unique touchstone for the rapidly growing discipline that is neuromarketing.

      The book is a ground-breaking solution for entrepreneurs, managers, creatives, art directors and even students, who will find new strategic models they can easily apply in their professions.