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    • Cristiano De Scisciolo   

      Designing and building a Website

      A complete Guide to User Experience, CMS, SEO and E-commerce

      Here is a simple and pragmatic look into main topics related to the design, implementation and management of a multi-device website.

      Over the last ten to fifteen years, websites have evolved dramatically, becoming complex commercial tools for implementing strategies and achieving objectives. There has been a shift from information to usability and finally to user experience.

      This is why creating and maintaining a website is no longer enough, neither for individual professionals nor for full-blown businesses. Thanks to the many examples given within, the book aims to provide support and guidance to all readers preparing to create and manage a website for their business.

    • Francesco De Nobili   

      Google SEO

      The Guide to the new SEO: from Research Intents to the Purchase Path

      This is a clear, straightforward and reader-friendly explanation of the theories and techniques required for a step-by-step implementation of all SEO activities. The book is suitable also for readers with no IT knowledge.

    • Giacomo Carozza    Lisa Liberio   

      E-commerce and UX

      Guide to the Design and Customization of E-Commerce

      Every form of e-commerce should be customized even at the earliest steps of its design. Customization makes for better e-commerce, able to meet the market’s standards as well as customers’ expectations.
      The focus of this book is the untapped potential of online business – especially the benefits of a customization-oriented approach built around user experience. It consists of three sections. The first one deals with the realization processes of an e-commerce, analyzing the essential metrics of the decision-making processes. The second section explores the customization toolbox aimed at increasing customer loyalty. The most important KPIs of online and traditional business are also covered. The last section of the book is dedicated to a series of case studies, including interviews to e-commerce and data analysis experts.

    • Bonaventura Di Bello   

      How to be a Webmaster with Wordpress

      How to quickly and easily create professional Websites at no Cost

      Nato come piattaforma di blogging, WordPress si è evoluto rapidamente e oggi è tra gli strumenti più utilizzati per la creazione di siti web dinamici professionali, in molti casi sviluppati senza alcun investimento, grazie alla grande varietà di temi e altri componenti (plugin) gratuiti disponibili. Ricco di numerose possibilità di personalizzazione, WordPress permette di sviluppare ogni genere di sito, da quello personale o aziendale, al portale e al sito di e-commerce. In questa seconda edizione di un manuale che ha già riscosso un grande successo i lettori troveranno tutte le informazioni per installare, configurare e utilizzare al meglio la versione più recente di WordPress e per dedicarsi, attraverso una serie di esempi e progetti pratici, alla costruzione di siti destinati a varie tipologie di utilizzo e per poter poi sviluppare, facilmente e a costo zero, progetti web professionali.