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    • Cristiano De Scisciolo   

      Designing and building a Website

      A complete Guide to User Experience, CMS, SEO and E-commerce

      Here is a simple and pragmatic look into main topics related to the design, implementation and management of a multi-device website.

      Over the last ten to fifteen years, websites have evolved dramatically, becoming complex commercial tools for implementing strategies and achieving objectives. There has been a shift from information to usability and finally to user experience.

      This is why creating and maintaining a website is no longer enough, neither for individual professionals nor for full-blown businesses. Thanks to the many examples given within, the book aims to provide support and guidance to all readers preparing to create and manage a website for their business.

    • Francesco De Nobili   

      Google SEO

      The Guide to the new SEO: from Research Intents to the Purchase Path

      This is a clear, straightforward and reader-friendly explanation of the theories and techniques required for a step-by-step implementation of all SEO activities. The book is suitable also for readers with no IT knowledge.