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    • Sara Taddeo   

      It Takes Courage

      For a sustainable and inclusive Business

      This is a book on courage in business. You will discover which personal qualities and organisational cultures nurture courage and contribute to innovation and the growth of a sustainable and inclusive business.

      Sara Taddeo puts courage at the heart of the skill set needed to navigate the challenges of the 2030 Agenda. Weaving together business cases, interviews and reflections on how to foster a culture of courage, she proposes an approach that sees diversity and inclusion as a way to design a new pact between people and businesses.

      The book is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, HR directors, DE&I specialists and HR enthusiasts. It includes inspiring courage-training exercises.

    • Dario Silvestri   

      The Millionaire Brain

      Your Mind is the Key to Wealth

      Intelligence comes in many guises – emotional, logical and relational, just to name a few. This book aims to identify how you can achieve wealth through your own model of intelligence.

      The book is a real page-turner, explaining how the concept of wealth has evolved over the decades and what paths can be followed to achieve it.

      Becoming wealthy isn’t just a matter of mimicking what others have done, but rather of starting with yourself and learning to leverage your own features, qualities and needs in a completely different way.

      Your pathway to achieving a wealth-oriented mindset should be based on what makes you unique – your background, your influences, your wounds and the fears you have faced. While these are typically identified as limitations, they can actually be turned into your keys to success.

      The book uses clear, straight-forward language, providing plenty of examples and case studies; each chapter ends with a handy summary that can act as a precious stepping stone along your own path.

    • Marco D'Ardia   

      Super Memory, Super Reading

      Memorize, quick learning and photoreading: instant Strategies

      Learn how to enhance your memory and get the most out of it, reading 25,000 words per minute instead of 150. A winning foray into super memory and super reading, with instantly applicable techniques.

      In a simple, straight-forward style, the author offers a comprehensive explanation of the real potential of quick learning techniques, ensuring you won’t have to say “I don’t remember” or “I have it on the tip of my tongue” or “I can’t read all this now” ever again.

      The book details the techniques to organise your study time, memorisation strategies to remember the right things at the right time, fast reading techniques to read everything in less time, photo-reading techniques to read a book at a speed of 2 pages per second (200 pages in 30 minutes!) ; you will learn how to summarise texts and information in useful mind maps and to master the communication techniques to smoothly and confidently interact with others.

      Each chapter features a colour concept map.

    • Andrea Vitullo    Giuseppe Coppolino   

      Accomplished and aware

      Mindfulness trainings to transform your Job and your Life

      A “workout book” for everyone who wants to develop energy and power in the face of any self-inflicted anxiety and inadequacy. Words of wisdom to carve our own personal and professional path – and make it more human.

      The book features workouts and practices that allow us to grow stronger by distancing ourselves from our daily routine. Distance provides relief from our worries and enables us to think more sharply and clearly. By inhabiting this distance thanks to new forms of training, we can finally find our focus, our sense and hence our possible choices and actions to support ourselves, our relationships, our business and our search for new forms of profit.

    • Chiara Cecutti   

      Multitasking? No, thanks.

      From perfectly multitasking to imperfectly happy

      The book introduces us to the supposed virtue – often considered strictly female – of multitasking. It looks at some of the most significant theories that consider multitasking as a matter of genetics or, on the contrary, as a mere social construct.

      With an ironic, brilliant and straight-forward style, Chiara Cecutti investigates how multitasking often turns into a boomerang for women and why so many women still insist on keeping their fingers in so many pies.

      She takes the myth of female perfection down a few notches and warns the women who spend their lives bustling about to keep up with their work, family and home without ever delegating or asking for help how risky this attitude is and how it can damage personal relationships and love lives, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

      The author looks into some real-life cases to show how you can do less and get more; she warns women against chasing the myth of female superpowers, provides useful tips to learn how to delegate and ease your daily workload.

    • Matteo Rizzi   

      Talents & Rebels

      Dealing with Corporate Misfits. English translation by Sallyann Bloomfield

      Innovators are to company growth what misfits are to company survival. Through the story of his professional experience and private life the author, with the help of a number of conversations with innovators and leaders, finds predictable patterns to help figure out ways to not only spot these lateral thinkers in your organization but also to deal with them and make use of their peculiar talents to improve your business.

      The tension between incremental innovation and disruptive innovation, between the business as usual and what is coming next, is not something any company should be afraid of, and rebels are there to transform this tension into an opportunity, if you know how to deal with it.

      English Translation by the author already available

    • Carlo Massarini    Ivano Scolieri   


      7 Notes of managerial Harmony

      The two authors draw inspiration from the piano to create a stereophonic journey blending music and management.

      The two authors draw inspiration from the piano to create a stereophonic journey blending music and management. The seven notes become seven qualities that are as pivotal in business as they are in art.

      They are behavioural, philosophical and even professional dictates. They help one to work and live better, whether it’s about finding one’s centre and self-control like DO, the first note, or the ability to get in sync with one’s essence and fate, like SI, the last note.

      For each note, analysis tools and managerial solutions are given, including case studies from national and international organisations; in the world of music, a famous rockstar (Battiato, Springsteen, Bowie, The Beatles etc.) is cited as the embodiment of a certain skill.

      It is an inspirational book that will help readers achieve self-awareness and assess the state of their talents.

    • Stefano Faraoni   

      Public Speaking

      The Art of drawing Attention

      The book builds on communication theory to show readers how to use their voice as a tool and manage speeches in a compelling, riveting and enthusiastic manner. Readers will learn how to overcome their fear of public speaking and make even the most unwilling audiences listen.

    • Dario Silvestri   

      The Power of Change

      Prepare your Mind for Success

      For the first time, Dario Silvestri lays down on paper his method, classes and courses that have earned him so much success and led thousands of others, here to tell their story, to outstanding achievements.

      Step by step, readers will discover their real goals, tap into their potential and overcome what they believe stands in their way.

      This book is designed to help you face change, analyse your current position and identify anything limiting your potential, so that you can get rid of your fears, biases and often self-imposed limits.

    • Enzo Maolucci    Alberto Salza   


      Instructions for individual and group Survival

      Surviving is the indispensable guide to organise extreme experiences, survive in hostile environments, defend yourself from human and animal aggressions, limit distress and call for help.

      From making up your own survival kit to understanding how to behave in catastrophic events, you can learn how to familiarise with every environment and with the resources and limits it poses; how to turn every action into experience; how to quickly observe and understand what is going on around you and how it may affect you. All of this is your first step on the way to surviving.