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      Instructions for individual and group Survival

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      From making up your own survival kit to understanding how to behave in catastrophic events, Surviving is the indispensable guide to organise extreme experiences, survive in hostile environments, defend yourself from human and animal aggressions, limit distress and call for help. You can learn how to familiarise with every environment and with the resources and limits it poses; how to turn every action into experience; how to quickly observe and understand what is going on around you and how it may affect you. All of this is your first step on the way to surviving.

      About the author

      Enzo Maolucci is the founder and president of Federazione Italiana Survival Sportivo e Sperimentale and of International Survival Association. He is also president emeritus of International Survival Federation.
      Alberto Salza, a writer and anthropologist, is a researcher at the Department of African Studies of Turin University.

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