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    • Irene Festa   

      Illustrated Fashion

      The language of clothing

      Illustrated Fashion is a fully visual volume in three languages – Italian, English and French – designed as a handy reference guide for specific fashion design terms.

      With over 2,000 entries and 1,500 technical illustrations, the book is aimed primarily at fashion students and designers, as well as fashion enthusiasts wishing to expand their vocabulary. It includes all the most common clothing-related terms sorted by item. The highly detailed illustrations focus on different clothing features, such as necklines, pockets and sleeves, all of which are thoroughly examined in the appendix.

      The book has been designed both as a handbook and a source of inspiration for new hybrid clothing items or fresh takes on the classics.

    • Vincenzo Russo    Giorgio Gabrielli   


      Neuroscience’s Contribution to Sales Techniques

      The book focuses on neuroselling as a new approach – based on a better understanding of the brain – to sales techniques.

      This is the first scientifically sound book about the latest findings on the relationship between brain function and sales techniques.

      It is designed to provide the business community with a basic understanding of the human brain and the latest findings on persuasive processes, particularly those based on the brain’s unconscious response mechanisms. For this reason, after a brief presentation of how the brain works and what its secrets are, the authors delve deeper into the processes underlying unconscious decisions, emotions and perceptions, sourcing from the latest neuroscientific research.

      The outcome is a scientific and practical handbook, accessible even to beginners; it is a useful application tool for companies and individual professionals working in a topical relational context such as the business world.