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    • Beatrice Fiorentino   

      A New History of Cinema

      From its origins to its future

      With its critical and yet informative approach, accessible to both expert readers and cinema lovers at their first movies, this book examines the most significant artistic, historic, technological and social stages that have marked the history of cinema.

      From cave paintings to magic lanterns, through to the invention of cinematograph by the Lumière brothers, followed by contextualising events in mainly chronological, but also digressive sequence, from the first “legendary” projection of Arrival of a train at La Ciotat, to the astonishment still felt by the audience on viewing the stunning landscapes in Avatar 2. Silent movies and the golden age of Hollywood; the genres and auteur movies; movements, schools, waves: neorealism, the “vagues”, the New Hollywood, post-modern cinema, the crisis of theatres and the relaunch of cinecomics, sagas and reboots, arriving at the challenges of new languages in the age of on-demand platforms.

      A thoroughly reasoned journey, with a wealth of images and specific text boxes, whose aim is to provide information about the origins, but which especially tries to create a connection with the present time, and ventures to think about the future.