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    • Roberto Dini    Luca Gibello    Stefano Girodo   

      Refuges and Camps

      Architecture, History, Landscape

      The book presents a selection the most outstanding and emblematic refuges and camps in the Alps. The structures examined in the book are of remarkable historical, mountaineering, architectural, technological, social and visual worth. Indeed, in addition to their primary purpose as safe havens for mountain-goers, these structures are an important heritage that deserves to be included among the architectural and landscape masterpieces of the 20th century.

      The book has won the Prize “Leggimontagna” 2018.

    • Orsina Simona Pierini    Alessandro Isastia   

      Milan Houses

      1923-1973. Fifty Years of residential Architecture in Milan. English Translation by Steve Piccolo

      There is mounting interest in the golden years of Milanese architecture – an age that spanned all the way from Giovanni Muzio’s early Ca’ Brutta experiments to the Modern Seventies.

      Milan Houses is the product of years of research by the authors and a Politecnico di Milano team led by them. Every building featured in the book comes with one or more pictures by Stefano Topuntoli or from archive material.

      With a foreword by Cino Zucchi – a renowned architect and scholar of Milanese architecture – the book includes two critical essays by the authors that place Milan’s golden age in the broader context of 20th-century architecture. A map is included with all the buildings’ locations.

      Rounding out the volume is a vast bibliography edited by Maurizio Grandi.

      The English translations of the texts can be found in the appendix.