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      Refuges and Camps

      Architecture, History, Landscape

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      The book presents a selection the most outstanding and emblematic refuges and camps in the Alps. The structures examined in the book are of remarkable historical, mountaineering, architectural, technological, social and visual worth. Indeed, in addition to their primary purpose as safe havens for mountain-goers, these structures are an important heritage that deserves to be included among the architectural and landscape masterpieces of the 20th century.

      The book has won the Prize “Leggimontagna” 2018.

      About the author

      Luca Gibello is an architecture critic and the editor of the online Il Giornale dell’Architettura. He is president of Associazione Cantieri d’Alta Quota and a board member of Club Alpino 4000.
      Roberto Dini is an architect and researcher at the Institute of Mountain Architecture of Turin Polytechnic.
      Stefano Girodo is an architect. He has written papers and articles about architecture and mountaineering as well as high-altitude camps and sites.

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