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    • Eleonora Recalcati   

      We Will Explore the Stars

      Bob Kennedy and Jim Whittaker from the Yukon glaciers to the '68 elections

      This is possibly the most intense period in recent American history, told through an incredible, little-known and riveting adventure.

      After John Kennedy's assassination, his brother Bob, a senator, struggled to carry out his vision. When Canada named an unexplored peak in the Yukon after the late president, Bob – who was eager to commemorate his brother – agreed to take part in the first ascent. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t a keen mountaineer.

      His guide was Jim Whittaker, a mountain guide and national hero for being the first American to climb Mount Everest. A friendship was born between the two men, who were very distant and yet very close; a friendship that transcended the ice of Mount Kennedy as well as the Colorado rapids and animated the memorable 1968 campaign, when Bob ran for president. While Bob learned to appreciate the ideals of the mountain, Whittaker learned the ideals of politics. With his tragic end, Bob bequeathed to his friend the dream of a newer world, which Jim would strive to remain faithful to in his new challenges.

    • Marco Confortola   

      The Eight-Thousanders Hunter

      My Challenge to the World's highest Mountains

      The awaited book of Marco Confortola has been published on the eve of the Kanchenjunga climbing: a fascinating text that will involve the reader so much he’ll think to be on top of the world with the author.
      Carlos Soria Fontan, Spanish climber, has written the preface.