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    • Stefano Besana   

      The Future of Work – Building Around People

      Building the Work and Society of the Future

      The Future of Work illustrates a new model of corporate organisation built around people while building value for society as a whole. These are and always will be the key ingredients for any successful business.

      What scenarios are going to play out in the world of work? What are the most successful approaches and lessons learnt from successful companies? And what might hinder an organisation’s concrete, effective and lasting transformation?

      The author answers these and other questions by laying out innovative takes on resilience, smart transformation, holacracy, automation and artificial intelligence applied to organisations.

      Case studies and stand-out contributions from academics and practitioners complete the handbook, making it a guide for leaders, managers and HR managers who wish to understand how to create new, more inclusive, collaborative and gender-friendly working models.

    • Philip Kotler    Riccardo Pozzoli    Giuseppe Stigliano   

      Onlife Fashion

      10 Rules for a World without Rules

      A study of the fashion market, particularly the high-end segment featuring top brands such as Gucci, Prada, Versace and YSL.

      In a time of sudden drastic changes, the fashion world has also experienced major transformations. Its boundaries, its rationale and its protagonists have been redefined and the process is bound to carry on. This book aims to provide fashion entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants and students with a framework that will allow them to interpret the state of the industry and guide its evolutions.

      In the first part, the authors analyse the forces behind the deep-running changes experienced by the fashion industry – the very changes precipitated by the ongoing pandemic. The second part details the ten guiding principles on which to build or rebuild the business models of fashion companies. The third and final part features interviews with the CEOs of leading high-end fashion companies as well as with some of the key digital players that have revolutionised the industry.

    • Michele Bruno    Pietro Butté    Gabriele Galeani    Vincenzo Natile    Guido Tarizzo   

      Managing Fluid Business

      Management Experiences to thrive in the Age of Uncertainty

      Five of Italy's most qualified management experts provide accurate, knowledgeable and concrete answers to questions about what companies need to really grow in their current markets or to make headway in new ones, while understanding what holds back development and what solutions can boost it.

      The book answers these and many other questions, examining specific cases, constructing solid and measurable intervention models, and thoroughly investigating the relevant issues from multiple angles.

      This is not a technical handbook, nor is it simply an illustration of corporate know-how. Rather, it is a jointly authored essay that offers a constructive and thoroughly insightful reflection based on first-hand national and international experiences on the reasons for the difficulties that many companies find in their path. It also shows how to transform risk and difficulties into opportunities for growth and accelerated development.

    • Veronica Gentili   

      How to be a social media manager

      Strategies, tactics and tools for social media marketing pros

      This is the first book in Italy that details every step to become a professional Social Media Manager and stand out from the competition.

      It provides a practical and effective guide to the profession, exploring the golden rules to make social media a full-blown business resource; customer and budget management; social media planning. Based on the author's years of direct experience in the field, the book is useful both for aspiring social media managers as well as seasoned pros looking to boost their performance and learn proven techniques they can immediately spend in their daily work.