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    • Carlo Cavalli   

      My Natural Garden

      A garden can be a vital ecosystem for the wellbeing of the planet and of humankind. This is a simple guide to the use of effective natural practices and a valid support for fledgling vegetable growers.

      The first section is broader in scope and lays out the principles for natural horticulture and enables you to identify the best vegetable combinations, make and maintain the soil fertile, establish how much water is needed and how to distribute it, defend your plants from parasites, prepare the seedbed, decide when to seed and bed out, and how to turn your balcony or terrace into a vegetable garden.

      The second section consists of a series of files featuring the common plant names, some historical background, tips for choosing the most suitable varieties and how to cultivate them (tilling, spacing, harvesting, defending from parasites), how to select the appropriate soil and set optimal germination and growth temperatures; cooking tips and a list of health benefits are also provided.

      Each file comes with charts, diagrams and pictures.