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    • Massimo Pappalardo   

      The history of sailing

      Between Business, War and Sport

      A journey through the centuries to discover sailing and its role in commercial, political and military history and sport.

      The book investigates the development of sailing in the western world, from the first ships of ancient civilisations and the Middle Ages to the great geographical discoveries with galleons and vessels, until the disappearance of sailing from military, merchant and passenger ships and its resurgence in the field of sport and leisure. A brief historical background is given for each age, followed by a detailed overview of the different types of vessels that looks at both navigation and technical aspects. The style is very accessible and is accompanied by a fitting selection of drawings and pictures.

    • Massimo Caimmi   


      Aeolian, Aegadian and the eastern and southern Coast

      This is the third volume in the Itinerari in barca series. Here, you will discover Sicily’s unique personality and enchanting landscapes as well as the land’s plentiful history and culture.
      The book is a perfect blend of navigation tips and information for tourists. It points to the most enchanting areas of a land guaranteed to enchant and enthral visitors with its unmatched and most sincere social, cultural, natural and gastronomic expressions. The recommended itineraries are complemented with maps and photographs, and have been designed to match the pace of a typical holiday. This way, you can enjoy Sicily’s most beautiful bays and anchor points as well as the surrounding areas, turning your boating trips into well-planned journeys of leisure and discovery.