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    • Roberto Ascione   

      Building a Digital Health Future

      How digital Technology is revolutioning Medicine (and our Life)

      Artificial Intelligence is taking center stage in the health technology revolution; the overwhelming changes AI is bringing to the field are in some cases resulting in the creation of bona-fide “digital therapies” or software interventions with measurable clinical benefits. All of these changes need to happen to make sure that we can meet the demand for healthcare to innovate as other industries already have and, more importantly, to meet the new needs of an aging society as a whole. Thanks to technology another epoch-making change will also be possible as direct consequence of the restructuring of services; thanks to technology, healthcare services will become more human, returning to a level of empathy never reached in the last century.

    • Roberto Garavaglia   

      Blockchain Technology

      Understanding Technology and new Opportunities

      The book provides a detailed study of the opportunities offered by a smart and forward-looking application of blockchain technology, which is used for cryptocurrency transactions. It is ideal for anyone wishing to invest in the high-resiliency opportunities offered by this new technology. How will Blockchain evolve in the coming years and which industries will be affected the most?