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    • Luciano Attolico   

      Lean Lifestyle Strategy

      Working and doing Business to achieve more Results, Agility and Well-being

      After the revolution in the way products and services are churned out, Lean Thinking has become Lean Lifestyle – a lifestyle on and off the job to boost results, agility and well-being.

      From the author of the best-sellers Innovazione Lean and Toyota Way, this is the first book for all readers who want to make their companies grow and increase their own and others’ well-being.

      The book provides a practical explanation of a new way of working and doing business, delivering high impact, simplicity and agility in an increasingly fast-paced and complex world. Lean working becomes a strategy for achieving a true work-life balance and bringing out the very best of people in the company, with greater individual and organisational effectiveness.

      Lean Lifestyle Strategy brings together over ten years of hands-on experience and features numerous testimonials from entrepreneurs and managers who reveal the behind-the-scenes of success stories, including Orogel, Sammontana, Siemens Italia, Marcegaglia, Campari, Ferretti Yachts, Poste Italiane, Labomar, Lucchini RS, Cromology, Stanley Black & Decker.

    • Debora Rosciani    Roberta Rossi Gaziano   

      Wealth and Weddings

      Updated Instructions for use

      «I don’t want a lot – I want everything» Ingrid Bergman used to say. This book is for all the women (and girls) and their partners who don’t want to give up anything in life and are aware of the value of everything. The book explains to women, mothers, wives, singles and men 2.0 how we can now strike the perfect balance between a career (in spite of competing algorithms and robots), starting a family, securing our children’s future and managing the highs and lows of life without suffering mental or financial harm. Learn to navigate from weddings to wealth, along the “chance” (divorce) and “likelihood” (children) squares.