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      Wealth and Weddings

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      «I don’t want a lot – I want everything» Ingrid Bergman used to say. This book is for all the women (and girls) and their partners who don’t want to give up anything in life and are aware of the value of everything. The book explains to women, mothers, wives, singles and men 2.0 how we can now strike the perfect balance between a career (in spite of competing algorithms and robots), starting a family, securing our children’s future and managing the highs and lows of life without suffering mental or financial harm. Learn to navigate from weddings to wealth, along the “chance” (divorce) and “likelihood” (children) squares.

      About the author

      Debora Rosciani is a journalist for Radio24 and co-anchors the Due di Denari broadcast; she also wrote the book Donne di denari (De Agostini 2015).

      Roberta Rossi Gaziano is a financial consultant and manages SoldiExpert SCF, an independent financial advisory company.

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