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      Two Italian managers, two different authors, two men with the same passion, talk about how they understand leadership in a streamlined and innovative text capable of changing the way we look at the art of doing and much more.

      Passion and talent, memory, the ability to work in a team inside a company, as in everyday life. What it means to be a leader today and, increasingly, the new challenges of tomorrow. Practical skill, moving constantly between passion and performance. The decisions, dreams, solitude, choices, sharing and vision.

      Leadership means successfully taking your place at the head of an enterprise, a shared journey, an adventure lasting years. A new concept of time and space for new horizons, telling the story of fine results achieved, but also of overcoming the fear of facing monumental defeats, the eternal enemies, the thin red line between success and disaster.

      Two real lives and a constant exchange of ideas. A new book, made of tags and cloud, practical and inspirational, with an appendix where we can read the biographies of some of history’s greatest leaders.

      About the author

      Giovanni B. Vacchi boasts an important career at the head of public and private companies in Italy and abroad. At present he is CEO of the Colombini Group, leaders in the field of furnishing and design.

      Danilo Zatta is a leading expert in the area of pricing and topline excellence. As a management consultant he has overseen hundreds of projects in Europe and for multinationals, small and medium-sized companies and investment funds.

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