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      Bravery, Courage, Hope

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      How do you make adventurous dreams come true? The engaging and surprising answer is at the heart of WhiteOut a book written by three extraordinary women who have in common their love for climbing and water in all its forms: from the ice crystals on mountain peaks to the agitated darkness of the marine abyss.

      By the end of their intertwined stories, unfolding from Chamonix to Cyprus, it will have become clear and uplifting the journeys of soul searching are just as challenging as exploring the unknown. WhiteOut – the Mountaineering term used to describe a potentially-fatal complete loss of orientation -, represents precisely those challenges in all their forms.

      Lola is confined to a wheelchair after an icefall she was climbing, ruptured and crushed her 40m to the ground. Dot is a petite Pole, forever engaged in holding her own in a field dominated by men; she is one of a handful of alpha women commercial divers in the world, on welding duty on North Sea oil platforms, to lengthy gigs shooting big Hollywood underwater movies. And Anna is the only woman world champion athlete and mountain guide at the Italian foot of Mont Blanc, member of prestigious Courmayeur Mountain Guide Society.

      WhiteOut is how they became friends to dream about exploring the world and themselves. WhiteOut is standing up for one another, before competing against each other. WhiteOut, with a collection of enthralling photos of the protagonists in their special environments -, is a wonderful book of human endeavour, for all those seeking courage, audacity and hope, to overcome huge difficulty with a little help from their friends.

      About the author

      Anna Torretta is one of the best Mountain Sports athletes in Italy. Ice Climbing multiple-time reigning champion in Italy and world champion runner-up, she competed for years on the World Cup circuit, placing always in the top five.

      Eleonona Delnevo, also known as Lola, had a serious accident while climbing an icefall, which left her paralyzed from the waist down and reliant on a wheelchair. Lola started immediately para-climbing, managing to win the World Championship. In 2018, on her second try, she and her crew summited the demanding Zodiac route on El Capitan in Yosemite Park, making her the first Italian para-athlete to achieve the ascent.

      Dorota Bankowska (Dot if you are her friend) was born in sea-less Plock, Poland. In her youth, she was a scuba diver on speleology missions, side-by-side with polish law enforcement and firefighters in water rescue operations. In 2005 she began to work as a Commercial Diver on off-shore platforms. Dot has worked on several major Hollywood productions requiring underwater camera work (like Terminator 6, Thor, The Avengers and Kingsman 3).

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