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      The New Era of Suspended Time

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      #Hybridocene is a short essay that collects the bitter reflections from a series of dialogues, led by Paolo Iabichino during the lockdown and closed with Luciano Floridi, who gives us a handbook for the hybrid age, based on suspended time – a time rife with the contradictions we are all living.

      The last few years have been a middle age that has overcome the fluidity of post-modernism, leading into a contemporary age that is hard to fathom and define. The pandemic has precipitated an urgent and much-needed shift; however, we cannot rely on the now infamous “new normal” to finalise this shift.

      We are at an anthropological crossroads: on the one hand there is a return to the beaten track, and on the other, an unexplored path that very few are willing to tread – the ones striving to break new and mysterious ground on a quest for new and bountiful opportunities.

      #Hybridocene focuses on the themes of technology, which clearly has to come to terms with the criteria of empathy; at the same time, it also encompasses language, a new way of marketing and communicating, and last but not least the attention each of us has to pay to our digital twin, stuck inside a threshold made of atoms and bits.

      About the author

      Paolo Iabichino is an advertising writer and creative director as well as the founder of the Civic Brands watchdog with Ipsos Italia. Twice juror at the Cannes Film Festival, he was chosen by the Holden School to be the Master of the Colleges dedicated to transmedia narratives, story design and the Holden Pro courses for professionals. In 2018 he received the Emanuele Pirella Award for "Communicator of the Year".

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