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    • Ezio Guaitamacchi    Antonio Bacciocchi   

      Crocodile Rock

      Stories, Anecdotes, Curiosities and Everything that brings Music and Animals together

      For the first time, this book gathers the bands, songs, instruments and the stars' pets to tell us about all the most interesting and amusing links between the world of music and the world of animals.

      The animal kingdom is the source of so much sound – think of the songs of birds, the rhythm of horses’ hooves, the melodies of wildcats and the howling of wolves. Man has learnt to speak, sing and play by imitating the voices of nature and has drawn on them to create countless creative experiments: musical instruments made from elements taken from the animal world, melodic lines inspired by the verses of quadrupeds and birds, and sample sounds from the animal kingdom woven into actual musical compositions.

      Pop rock has always had a particular fascination for animals, be they puppies, wild beasts, insects, snakes or birds. From the Beatles to the Scorpions, from the Animals to the Eagles, from DikDik to Pooh, hundreds of groups have taken their names from animals since the 1950s, often embodying their characteristics. Thousands of songs and albums are about lovable beasts or wild animals, and there are countless stars who have always shown affection and respect for their pets, supporting animal welfare organisations or funding animal protection projects.

      This is an ideal gift book. It features exclusive images and caters to a broad target audience that transcends the boundaries of music and animal lovers; in fact, all readers will be excited to discover unique, amusing and exciting stories and anecdotes.

    • Roberto Caselli   

      Leonard Cohen

      Almost like a Blues Song

      This book is about the life and career of the famous Canadian artist Leonard Cohen, one of the most significant figures in twentieth-century song-writing.

      Always straddling the line between music and poetry, his writing was imbued with symbolism and metaphors, as he explored the innermost recesses of the human soul and turned the personal into the universal.

      The book begins with the artist's strict orthodox Jewish upbringing. As an adolescent, he began to rebel against the oppressive world and took refuge in writing and poetry. But it was Bob Dylan's work that sparked his interest in music and convinced him to become a songwriter himself.

      As we know, it was the beginning of sixty years of unrelenting song-writing dripping with poetry. Cohen penned fifteen albums, each one a masterpieces of sensitivity in his quest for the meaning of life. Some of his songs, such as Suzanne, Bird On The Wire and Hallelujah have become timeless cornerstones of the collective imagination.

      Almost maniacal in his quest for perfection, Cohen never wrote to meet the commercial demands of record companies and always forged his records over long periods of time, giving his fans gems for thought.

    • Daniele Follero    Luca Masperone   

      The History of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

      Designed as an all-encompassing tale made of stories and insights, exploring touchstone bands and seminal albums, this book tells us about the hardest facets of rock, from the English grandchildren of Chicago blues to the most extreme metal experiences in recent decades.

      In 2020, heavy metal celebrated 50 years. But the urge to crank up the amps has its roots in a group of British blues-loving bands like The Who, The Yardbirds and The Kinks who, in the Beatles’ heyday, wanted to make their sound more powerful, experimenting with distortion and equipment capable of sustaining unthinkable decibel levels. Soon enough, a whole new paradigm was created, leading to the birth of hard rock giants like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, and heavy metal giants like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and AC/DC. Over the years, influences have been traded back and forth between Europe and the United States; hard rock and heavy metal have passed through different phases, from the underground dimension of the thrash scene to the commercial peak of the Eighties; from the fury of death metal to the atmospheres of black metal; from the contaminations of the Nineties to all the varieties of the new millennium; and the new ways of interacting brought about with social networks and streaming.

      The book’s forewords are penned by Michael Weikath (Halloween) and Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride). The book itself is divided into independent sections that follow a basic chronological order but also explore the broader themes of hard rock and heavy metal as a whole, focussing on the different scenes and their social context. The book also takes a look at the Italian hard & heavy scene.

    • Ezio Guaitamacchi   

      Love, Death & Rock’n’roll

      The final hours of 50 rock stars – An enthralling look behind the scenes

      The book is a collection of stories, grouped by “crime”, that detail the final hours of 50 rock stars.

      Rife with excess, extravagance, outrage, risk and recklessness, the lives of rock stars have often gone far beyond the wildest fantasies of a typical Hollywood script. Unfortunately, even their deaths have sometimes been the result of dramatic circumstances, incredible coincidences or unpredictable events. And most of the time they have been surrounded by a halo of mystery that has given rise to thousands of speculations. Written as a passionate and original noir, Love, death and Rock'n'Roll presents behind-the-scenes tidbits, curiosities, anecdotes and alternative reconstructions, while documenting everything with journalistic rigour and precision.

    • Luigi Onori    Riccardo Brazzale    Maurizio Franco   

      The History of Jazz

      The first investigation into the worldwide history of jazz, from the US to Europe and Italy. An easy read that retraces the trends of New Orleans’ music from its origins to today, exploring stars, styles and technology.

      A sound that characterises modernity and defines the twentieth century, jazz is universal in its creative and cross-cultural message. The collision between different worlds and traditions has engendered ongoing changes that have welcomed art and entertainment, high-brow and popular music, dance and rituals. Only jazz has lived its own life intertwined with music media, from 78 RPMs to liquid music. Jazz jamming and writing make it a colourful, multifaceted universe that has been able to express history.

      The book details the language of jazz from the cities, from New Orleans to Chicago; it tells us about the places where the history of jazz was made, from the Cotton Club to the Music Inn, as well as its many women and men, soloists, composers, arrangers and singers: from Louis Armstrong to Keith Jarrett, from Duke Ellington to Henry Threadgill, from Mary Lou Williams to Maria Schneider, from Bessie Smith to Norma Winstone.

    • Nino Gatti    Stefano Girolami   

      Gilmour & Waters

      The Origins, The Pink Floyd, the solo Careers

      The book revisits all the works and turning points in the lives of the two men as it takes us on an enthralling journey into the interstices of two extraordinary musicians whose experiences stretch far beyond the dazzling history of Pink Floyd.

      A stifling tie for Roger Waters, who sailed off on his own career decades ago; an old-fashioned suit for David Gilmour, who branched out solo and notched up an impressive string of records, tours and collaborations.

      The book tells a dual biography with perfectly matched devotion – one that crosses and diverges from time to time. It revisits the milestones of the two musicians’ debuts until today and explores the countless projects, concerts and epochal changes that touched two of the greatest artists in the history of rock, first as a band, then individually.

      The book investigates the childhoods, teenage years and first steps of both men as their tortuous paths led them to the beginning of the Pink Floyd epic. We learn about the band’s meteoric rise and the pivotal events from 1967 to 1995; we also revisit all the solo albums, concerts, individual tours, projects outside Pink Floyd and countless collaborations from the Seventies until today.

    • Roberto Caselli   

      History of Blues

      The first complete history of blues, from its African roots to the latest stylistic evolutions of the new millennium, in a new edition now featuring a whole section on Italian blues.

      Blues is the adventure of the African Americans trying to shrug off slavery and find a new identity; the intimate voice of swing, bebop and even free jazz after the re-emergence of the darkest ghosts of the past back in the


      This book talks about rural acoustic, urban, electric and rock blues. We meet well-known figures as well as hundreds of less prominent but equally significant figures who originated unimaginable stylistic ramifications and amazing stories to tell.

      This new edition features a useful name index as well as a section on Italian blues, whose players have gained worldwide recognition and awards.

    • Loris Cantarelli   


      U2's Voice between Music, Committment and Spirituality

      Everything about Bono: from his restless childhood in Dublin during the Irish Troubles to the birth of U2; the band’s rise from the bottom of the business to the pinnacle of the music industry; his spiritual unrest and his battle against poverty and Aids; the band’s record-breaking career and Bono’s countless collaborations with artists and musicians from all walks of life.

      The book coincides with Bono’s 60th birthday and the 40th anniversary of U2’s first album. It tells the amazing personal and artistic life of a dazzling international star who grew up in the capital of the Emerald Isle, where music and literature intertwine with irresistible charm.

      U2 are unquestionably one of the most influential bands ever. Their career is revisited from the point of view of their world-famous vocalist and leader, Bono Vox. We get to hear from Bono himself as well as from family, friends, fellow band members and other musicians. The book includes anecdotes, little-known facts, timelines and historical inserts.

      It is a stunning story from beginning to end, packed with previously unreleased twists; it details a truly unique political and social experience in the history of music and in contemporary society.

    • Andrea Angeli Bufalini    Giovanni Savastano   

      History of Disco Music

      Exactly 40 years ago – and after more than half a decade of unrivalled domination – disco music was at its peak. Some tried to get rid of its every trace, but to no avail – disco music had become a part of music’s very DNA.

      This book investigates the roots, genesis and growth of a melting pot of sound, culture and society with countless creative ramifications.

      Blending multiple rhythms and colours as well as the genre’s most iconic figures, quotes and anecdotes, the book recalls even the less notable figures who left their mark on the sounds of the common imagination. Each section of the book includes a discography exceeding 150 titles.

    • Gabriele Antonucci   

      Michael Jackson

      The Music, the Message and the artistic Inheritance

      Michael Jackson was among the greatest performers of all time and the only one to excel both in singing and dancing.

      In addition to selling 750 million records he left an indelible mark on pop culture in the last forty years. He broke new ground with his videos, too, turning them into full-blown films and elevating pop to a form of art.

      A smooth read penned with exacting accuracy, the book gives a detailed view of the artist and the man, shedding light on the more controversial facets of his life, studying his musical output, revealing lesser-known anecdotes, describing his relationship with other great artists, dissecting his artistic genius and unveiling the messages in his songs.