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      Swinging 60s

      Music, Cinema, Fashion, Art and Culture in London in the 1960s

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      The richest, most updated and comprehensive guide to discover (or rediscover) a legendary period in the history of music, art and culture: the fabulous 1960s.

      On 5 October 1962, the first single by the Beatles (Love Me Do) and the first James Bond movie (Dr. No) were simultaneously released. Since that day, global pop culture has never been the same: it was the day on which the “fabulous 1960s” began, the most creative and stimulating decade of the 20th century.

      Drawing on that coincidence, this book (enriched by captivating graphics in the style of the period and by historical pictures) retraces the legend of a season that entirely shook up the world of music, cinema, arts, fashion and society. Not by chance, in those days Diana Vreeland, editor-in-chief of Vogue, called London “Swinging”, i.e. trendy, or better: “the most swinging city in the world”.

      From the primordial soup of the 1950s until the “end of the dream” in 1970, the book focuses on a journey where music was the catalyst that inspired and received inspiration from other forms of artistic expression, thus creating a revolutionary movement and a counterculture that was able to take over the world.

      The book at glance

      About the author

      Franco Dassisti, professional journalist and film critic since 1990, anchor of “La rosa purpurea – The Purple Rose” on Radio24. Member of many film juries in national and international festivals.

      Michelangelo Iossa, university professor, journalist and writer, is one of the most authoritative Italian biographers of the Beatles and wrote books on Italian and international music icons.

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