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      The music industry in the streaming age

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      This is a first-of-its-kind Italian handbook on the music industry that clearly lays out business models, metrics and strategies as well as stories, personalities, innovations and case studies.

      Entrepreneur, publisher and lecturer Giampiero Di Carlo presents the music business with the descriptive accuracy of an insider – but adding a pop slant fitting for a subject that is appealing to an increasingly broader audience of professionals and aspiring professionals.

      The book thoroughly investigates the industry’s supply chain, offering glimpses into the future that factors such as blockchain technology, NFTs and the metaverse will bring to artists, labels and publishers.

      The author’s ground-breaking approach to the subject narrows the gap between theory and practice, making the book equally useful to managers and entrepreneurs in the industry as it is to artists, students and startuppers aiming to make it in the music business.

      About the author

      Giampiero Di Carlo is founder and managing director of leading Italian music publication Rockol, where he edits the Music Biz pro section. Strategic consultant and lecturer at the Master in Music Communication at Università Cattolica in Milan, he has penned Internet Marketing. Il commercio elettronico and La musica online, both published by Etas.

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