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    • Giovanni Siri   

      Changing your Mind

      A new mindset to look at the future

      This essay meets the growing urge for major historical summaries and for guidelines on how to address the uncertainty and complexity that characterise our lives, our moods and our work.

      Giovanni Siri deals with the subject through the eyes of someone who, having specialised in psychology, has spent his working life in businesses as a strategic consultant and has learnt hands-on how to avoid intellectual diagnosis as well as diagnosis through prescriptions.

      Instead, his work is inspired by analysing our “modern mentality”, offering a reading experience that reveals our daily mental patterns, or to what extent the perception of an “age of uncertainty” depends on a flawed perspective, where reality is seen through the lenses of a modernity that has already moved on.

      The book is intended for anyone wishing to understand the meaning of the present in order to make responsible choices, particularly readers with professional decision-making tasks such as managers and trainers. The belief is that businesses and training companies are now the launching pad for real change.

    • Luca Orlandini   

      Conversion Strategies

      Business Validation, real Positioning, lead Generation

      The book is a practical guide to optimise your business idea, increase its effectiveness and identify the best way to launch it in the market and on the web.

      You will learn how to apply the most effective conversion strategy for your business, acquiring all the tools you need to become independent. You will also learn how to analyse your niche market in order to understand its potential and how to assess your budget.

      Finally, the book shows you how to enhance your brand positioning with personal branding and the ikigai method and how to adapt your content marketing to all levels of awareness.

    • Gianroberto Marelli   

      Media Training

      How to communicate effectively and confidently in video

      The first Italian book on Media Training: a method to help people become aware on how to communicate effectively and confidently in video by means of practical tools.

      While many indicators show a clear growth of the audio world, video communication still remains the main channel for success in spreading a message to the largest possible audience.

      Gianroberto Marelli, a television director with many years in a managerial career for the Mediaset group, includes in this book all his education and experience, creating an unusual video communication method which combines robust neuroscientific foundations and a practical journey to acquire the necessary elements for effective communication, beyond the video where it takes place.

      This is an innovative book for businesspeople, politicians, teachers offering remote teaching and anyone who intends to improve their way of video communication for the purpose of appearing on TV, in a YouTube video, during an Instagram live, hosting a webinar or during a simple meeting.

    • Federica Brancale   

      Beyond Design Thinking

      A practical Guide to innovation using Data and Creativity

      Beyond Design Thinking lays out strategies, models and techniques for solving complex problems and creating new ideas to make you stand out from the competition by combining analytical and creative thinking.

      The first part of the book presents the latest innovation theories and design thinking methods, using a language accessible to all readers. The second part goes deeper into the main topic, describing how data can be integrated into creative strategies developed by high-performance, play-driven teams.

      What makes the book ground-breaking is the combination of diverse elements such as data analysis, play, emotions and creativity in order to boost intuition.

      Rounding out the book are numerous case studies and the author’s own hand-drawn colour canvas to aid understanding and simulation. This makes it particularly suitable for anyone who wants to learn design thinking as well as for analysts and marketers looking for cooperation-based consultancy techniques; it is also suitable for creative people keen on creating innovative product, business, communication and marketing strategies.

    • Nicoletta Polliotto    Ilaria Legato   

      Creative Restaurant Branding

      How to bring out the extraordinary Identity of your Restaurant

      The Creative Restaurant Branding® method is a journey into creating the personality of your restaurant – a winning strategic and positioning element to identify your target audience.

      Nicoletta Polliotto and Ilaria Legato, who have years of hands-on experience with professional solutions for the development of the Italian restaurant industry, have written this manual for all the entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and chefs who have opened or want to open a business, but also for young professionals who are approaching the catering world for the first time.

      The book takes a practical approach, providing guidelines, templates and exercises for creating a restaurant business from scratch. It includes a valuable work grid to help you develop your own branding strategy, from conception to development. You will learn how to identify the personality of your restaurant and recognise the power of customer relationship; you will also learn to create empathy in your communication with existing and future customers (brand communication). Rounding out the course is a series of case studies from national and international companies; these inspirational experiences can help you identify your very own winning modus operandi.

      The authors will lead you and support you as you open your business and make it grow, following a well thought-out path and forging it into something memorable and unique. After all, in today’s world a good idea is no longer enough to be successful – vision, strategy and planning are just as important.

    • Davide Bertozzi   

      Images versus Words

      Writing and Designing advertising Messages

      A concise and effective guide to constructing advertising messages, training creativity and designing appropriate, accurate and effective communication.

      Images versus Words investigates advertisement writing and visual design, particularly the form and content of the messages we use to communicate, excite and sell.

      Images versus Words is a real training ground for copywriters, art directors, social media managers and creative directors, who will learn how to organise texts and images with taste and awareness – not by resorting to petty tricks or magic formulas but by applying well-proven, tried-and-tested empirical methods.

      In this journey down the sometimes exhilarating roads of advertising and the sometimes impervious paths of content design, where theory and technique meet in highly creative occasions, you will be treated to more than 50 images – after all, in a manual entitled Images versus Words it couldn’t be otherwise!

    • Alberto Di Mase    Ale Agostini   

      B2B Marketing Revolution

      Win Hearts, create Leads, dominate the Market

      Learn how to win the hearts and minds of B2B clients through enhanced branding and high ROI, and how to crush your competition.

      B2B Marketing Revolution shows you how to apply consumer logic and CRM to the more complex industry of B2B and direct marketing.

      Success begins with a strategy built on an “I measure therefore I am” approach to provide readers with an integrated MIM® (Multidimensional Integrated Marketing) approach.

      The final part shows how MIM® can be applied to your media mix and investigates the very heart of online and offline operative marketing.