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    • Luca Bettoni   

      Nova Magic

      The art of exciting with cards

      The book offers a new vision of the magical arts, combining innovative and traditional elements of prestige in a unique and exciting manner.

      Magical effects are no longer only seen as the staging of the impossible; here, they act as a metaphor to communicate messages and emotions to the entire audience during a performance. The book is divided into two parts: a theoretical section, in which the most important points of nova magic are illustrated, and a second part featuring a collection of simple card games where the reader can progressively put the lessons from the previous section into practice.

    • Marta Inkedsoul   

      The Qualification Handbook for Tattoo Artists and Piercers

      A book intended for everyone who loves the art of tattoo and piercing and wishes to learn more about it.
      This handbook explores all the curricular subjects that are taught in tattoo schools and academies, with extra material, facts & figures and exercises at the end of every module. A successful tool for readers wishing to pass the qualifying examination and obtain a professional certificate, this book will also be greatly enjoyed by anyone who loves the art of tattoo and piercing and wants to learn more about this fascinating world.
      The subjects range from biology to law, semi-permanent make-up and piercings and tattoos, while the practice section focuses on mock exams for the qualifying test and practical exercises.