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    • Paolo Gila    Maurizio Mazziero   

      Treasure Maps

      The Geopolitics of Raw Materials: the Real Strategic Challenge of the 21st Century

      Who produces lithium for electric car batteries? Where can copper and cobalt be found? An essay on the geopolitics and current affairs to understand the strategic role of raw materials in the present and future economy, where new countries are emerging and growing in their production activities, consumption and international relations.

      Considering the intense manufacturing development and a substantial population increase in various parts of the world, in future years the West and the BRICS (enlarged to 11 nations from 1 January 2024) will face even stronger competition for finding industrial metals, rare earths, food, natural fibres, as well as gas and oil.

      Hence an effort to understand – supported by clear colour maps – where these treasures can be found and where the largest reserves are hidden. Looking ahead, the countries that will dominate the scene will be those that know how to wisely stock everything needed for the production and commercial cycles. A strategic challenge that sees the two superpowers, US and China, already in open confrontation for world domination.

    • Emanuele Bompan    Federica Fragapane    Mariarosa Iannelli    Riccardo Pravettoni   

      Geopolitical Atlas of Water

      Water grabbing, Rights, Food Safety and Energy

      This is a visual and explorative journey where we discover water as a common good and humankind’s right to water, while gaining insights into the eternal conflict for blue gold.

      Water is crucial to life as we know it. it is a precious resource that has always been the object of struggles, conflicts and impoverishment.

      This book is a modern-day atlas – both thematic and geopolitical, with a strong information-design orientation that raises awareness on the right to water as the future for our planet.

      The book contains 14 chapters with signature features, charts and maps that provide precious geopolitical insights into the major criticalities concerning water systems: water cycles; water around us; the great rivers; the great lakes; seas and oceans; climate change; virtual water; farming and water safety; an electric drop; dams; water grabbing and human rights; health and hygiene; bottled water.