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    • Jacopo Gatto   

      A Brewer in the Kitchen

      History, Characteristics and Pairings of Beer Styles

      Discover today’s world of beer and all the different styles, as well as their history, features and recommended pairings.

      The book provides a simple yet thorough description of forty different beer styles, recommending an outstanding Italian craft beer for each one as well as the ideal pairings with Italian cuisine.

      The book also suggests thirty easy recipes using traditional Italian ingredients. Each recipe comes with mouth-watering pictures of the dish.

      At the end of the book you can find a list of the best Italian craft beers and a comprehensive guide to hops, malts and glasses.

      The book is suitable for beer newbies and connoisseurs alike. Thanks to its layout you can enjoy it in one go or use it as your go-to touchstone for all your beer queries.

    • Enrico Morteo    Marco Strina   

      Beauty meets Taste

      Pots and recipes. English translation by Gioia Sartori

      36 pots for 36 recipes, 36 objects for 36 flavors, 36 shapes for 36 ways of cooking food.

      Because it is true that pots are humble and useful kitchen tools, but they are also precious witnesses of the cultural value of eating as an everyday ritual.

      They represent food’s ability to bring together memory and projects.

      We have chosen 36 beautiful and smart objects – signed by famous designers or simply improved and refined by time – and 36 delicious recipes from all over the world.

      An exciting challenge for your kitchen table.

      Bilingual text, Italian-English

    • Giuseppe Vaccarini   

      Beer Handbook

      History, Production, Serving, Tasting and Pairing

      Nel costante sforzo di rinnovare le competenze del sommelier, in questo suo nuovo volume Giuseppe Vaccarini spalanca le porte alla birra, valutandola sotto l’aspetto della degustazione e dell’abbinamento con il cibo. Il manuale della birra è un indispensabile testo di riferimento per i professionisti del settore ristorativo e uno straordinario strumento di promozione e valorizzazione della birra quale bevanda che può contribuire ai piaceri della tavola.

    • Giuseppe Vaccarini   

      Fondant Chocolate Codex

      Dark, with the slightest yet unmistakeable bitter aftertaste – fondant chocolate is this and a lot more. Here, all the steps behind a simple slab of chocolate are presented. The book is dedicated to dark fondant chocolate exclusively – from the plant to its scented fruit, from the harvest to the milling, from cocoa mass to slabs, from tasting techniques to pairings and finally to dark chocolate as the star ingredient of acclaimed recipes. Pairings with drinks such as coffee, water, beer, tea and liquor come along with recommendations from experts. Aficionados will discover the secrets of these brilliant pairings. The book ends with starred recipes to make sure there’s no hint of bitterness.

    • Donata Panciera   


      Techniques, Equipment and Recipes

      A handbook for ice cream makers who want to learn the tricks of the trade for delicious home-made gelato. Written by an author with decades of experience who has devised an outstanding, tried-and-tested ergonomic approach.

      The first part of the book details the history of Italian artisan gelato and describes the most common ingredients. Then all the main gelato-making techniques and their variants (sorbets and semifreddi) are laid out.

      The last part of the book is packed with mouth-watering recipes and pictures as well as practical and technological tips and tricks for applying the notions acquired throughout the book.

    • Roberto Bortolotti   

      Meat Cuts

      Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Poultry

      This book guides you to the discovery of the main Italian breeds of cows, sheep, pigs and farmyard animals, focussing on cattle raising and butchering. Learn about the different meat cuts and their Italian, regional and international names. The book explains the long process behind the end product: from cattle breeding to transporting, from packaging to disposal. As well as the description and illustration of the various Italian breeds, the book also presents the various cuts, listing their features and providing more useful information. All the technical notions come with cooking tips and delicious recipes.
      The book ends with a chapter on knives how to keep them sharp and efficient.

    • Federico Mastellari    Giovanni Ceccarelli   


      The Handbook of classical, modern and contemporary Mixology

      Mixology is an up-to-date guide to the world of cocktails. It has everything you need to know about what’s new while building your awareness of the classics. It is, in short, a bartender’s bible.
      Mixology consists of two parts. The first tells you what you need to know in order to understand a cocktail: the taste, the ice and the mixing technique. The second part is packed with over one thousand recipes ranging from past classics to present trends as well as contemporary classics. Each recipe provides step-by-step instructions on how to handle and prepare your own ingredients, choose the best tools and combine flavours to revisit and try new combinations.

    • Luciano Pignataro   


      A contemporary Story

      This is a new book about pizza by a leading expert. Learn about the Neapolitan origins of pizza, its recent rise to prominence, some regional variations (Rome, Puglia, Veneto) and pizza around the world. A part of Unesco’s world heritage, pizza has evolved significantly in recent years; it can be found in countless original variations while remaining a popular, universal dish. As well as telling the story of pizza as food, Pignataro also tells the stories of places that share a bond with pizza (Tramonti, the town of pizza makers; Gragnano and pizza by the metre). The last part of the book deals with the more technical aspects: ingredients, baking tips, wine and beer pairings and more, stressing the prominent status achieved by pizza.