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    • Giorgio Rocca    Thomas Ruberto   


      Victories and defeats in the turns of my life

      Giorgio Rocca, one of the most successful Italian skiers in history, tells of his endless love for skiing and for the mountains. A love made of passion, strength, self-determination and willingness to reach the top.

      How could you ever dream of becoming a ski champion if you are both not talent gifted and an overweight child? Where do you find the strength to keep on fighting in order to succeed if, in your twenties, at your very first World Championship, you break your knee in the middle of the race? How do you manage to win the Gold medal at the Olympics held in your own country, knowing that you are carrying on your shoulders the expectations of all the Italians?

      With a fair amount of self-humour and a lot of honesty, always balancing between actions and emotions, joy and delusion, Giorgio Rocca describes the sport and human experiences that led him to succeed on the slopes around the world. His brilliant career started not so long ago, exactly when alpine skiing was desperately seeking Alberto Tomba’s heir.

      Thanks to this reciprocal love that lasted fourteen years, Rocca was able to win the Slalom World Championship, three bronze medals at the World Ski Championships and eleven victories in the White Circus.