Leggere è la collana Hoepli di letture graduate in quattro lingue: inglese Reading, francese Lire, spagnolo Leer, tedesco Lesen, ed è strutturata in più serie per soddisfare le diverse esigenze didattiche di ciascun docente.
Ricche di immagini e illustrazioni, le varie serie propongono apparati didattici e dossier di approfondimento che consentono allo studente di acquisire una maggior competenza linguistica e di consolidare le conoscenze grammaticali.

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    • Daniel Defoe   

      Robinson Crusoe

      Level A1/A2

      The story of Robinson Crusoe, a sailor and merchant, who lives as a castaway on a desert island for 28 years, is narrated in simple and contemporary language.

      Crusoe leaves England in search of adventure and fortune, but during one of his voyages he is shipwrecked on an island where he finds himself alone. Slowly, day by day, thanks to his ability and intelligence, he re-builds a little “English” world with a house, tamed animals, fields...

      Robinson remains by himself for many years, until one day, during his exploration of the island, he meets Friday: first his servant, then his friend, with whom he will spend his last years on the island.

      Robinson Crusoe, written in the 18th century, and a best seller at the time, is still a beautiful classic for everyone.

    • Robert Louis Stevenson   

      Treasure Island

      Level A1/A2

      Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is one of the greatest adventure stories ever written. It’s got everything: memorable characters, a treasure, a sea voyage, a desert island, and mutiny. The young hero, Jim Hawkins, lives at his father’s inn on the west coast of England. The story opens with the arrival of a mysterious guest, Billy Bones, who brings with him a large chest containing a treasure map. The discovery of the map is the prelude to an adventurous journey that will take young Jim across the world. The volume includes a wide variety of activities for the four skills, several Ket-style level A2 tests, and dossiers that explore and expand the cultural and historical aspects associated with the story. The volume ends with an exit test and provides a full recording of the text.

    • Jack London   

      The Call of the Wild

      Level A1/A2

      Buck is a husky dog living a nice, quiet life in a big garden. One day, two thieves steal him and sell him. Suddenly, Buck must pull a sled through the cold Yukon. Slowly, he starts to like his new life. Soon, he becomes the leader of the dogs – and everything changes. The Call of the Wild is a new version of Jack London’s exciting novel set in the Yukon during the Gold Rush. It uses simple language and features many activities that test the reader’s comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. It also includes a dossier about Canada.

    • Charles Dickens   

      Oliver Twist

      Level A1/A2

      Readers of all ages from around the world are familiar with the poor, innocent orphan, Oliver Twist, who was born and grew up in a cruel Victorian workhouse. The compelling image of a hungry child asking for more food has also been portrayed in musicals and films based on the book. But who is this boy that wants more? The answer to this question comes at the end of a long and dangerous journey that takes the gentle, good-hearted boy into the great metropolis of London. We follow him through the dirty, dark streets and alleys of the slums, where he finds a home with thieves. This dishonest life then leads him to a completely different London, with its large houses surrounded by parks and gardens, where people are kind to him. As Oliver moves between these two worlds, he comes into contact with many different types of people from all classes of society. Some of them hold the secret to his past.

    • Richard Mildmay   

      King Kong

      Level A1/A2

      Ann Darrow is an actress in New York, in the 1930s. One day she meets Carl Denham, a famous film-maker. He convinces her to go to a beautiful island to shoot a new film. On the way there, she meets Jack, a sailor. The two fall in love – but the island is more dangerous than it looks.

      King Kong is a new version of the classic story about adventure, love and giant gorillas. It is written in simple language and includes many comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar activities. In addition, there is a dossier about 1930s America.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      King Arthur

      The Knights of the Round Table and other Famous Stories. Level A1/A2

      In this book you will read the beautiful and captivating tales of King Arthur, the legend of the Sword in the Stone, the tormented love story of Lancelot and Guinevere, the romantic drama of Tristam and Isolde, and the journey of Perceval. All set in Brittany, these stories inspire the reader with a sense of wonder and magic.

      Written in simple language, with the help of footnotes and images, they can be read by beginners.

      The book includes an in-depth dossier (about the origins and the development of the legend of King Arthur and about the great legends and stories of Britain and America), grammar and vocabulary exercises, and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.

    • Frank Lyman Baum   

      The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

      Level A1/A2

      Published in 1900, the story takes us on the fantastic adventure of young Dorothy, a girl from Kansas who, together with her house and her little dog Toto, is transported by a tornado into the magical world of Oz.

      When her house returns to the ground in this new land, Dorothy realizes that is has crushed the Wicked Witch of the East. She is promptly greeted by the Good Witch of the North who thanks her for ridding the land of the Wicked Witch and gives Dorothy a pair of magic silver shoes that belonged to the evil witch she has just killed.

      Dorothy is desperate to return to Kansas, so the Good Witch of the North tells her to go seek advice from the Wizard of Oz by following the yellow brick road. Along the way Dorothy meets the most incredible characters: the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.

      The volume has an extensive section of exercises that cover comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, communication skills and culture (CLIL). Included is an Audio-CD with the unabridged recording of the text.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      Robin Hood

      Level A1/A2

      Robin Hood narrates the adventures of the legendary Robin Hood in the Forest of Sherwood where he hides out with his “merry men”. Much, his best friend, Little John, Friar Tuck... are the heroes of this band of outlaws who fight against the injustice and abuses of the sheriff of Nottingham and of Lord Guy of Gisbourne.

      But this is not only a story about courage and knights, it is also the romantic story of the beautiful Lady Marian and the archer of Sherwood Forest. His great love for her leads him to put his life at stake to save her from an unhappy marriage to a cruel man.

      One day, after years of absence, King Richard the Lionheart returns to England from his crusades and pardons Robin Hood, giving him back his lands and restoring him to his noble position.

      Narrated with simple language, Robin Hood contains two in-depth dossiers and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.

    • Charles Dickens   

      A Christmas Carol

      Level A1/A2

      One of the most famous novels by Dickens, it has enjoyed great popularity since its publication and is considered the greatest English Christmas story.

      It’s Christmas Eve in London. Ebezener Scrooge, an old, greedy and cold-hearted man, is working in his counting house. Fred, his nephew, comes into the office and invites his uncle to spend Christmas with him and his family. But Scrooge refuses. He will spend Christmas Eve like any other evening, alone. But that night something happens: three spirits, one after another, come and visit Mr Scrooge. They show him his past, his present and his future, and what they reveal will change Mr Scrooge’s life forever.