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    • Treasure Island
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    • Robert Louis Stevenson     

      Treasure Island

      Level A1/A2

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      Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is one of the greatest adventure stories ever written. It’s got everything: memorable characters, a treasure, a sea voyage, a desert island, and mutiny. The young hero, Jim Hawkins, lives at his father’s inn on the west coast of England. The story opens with the arrival of a mysterious guest, Billy Bones, who brings with him a large chest containing a treasure map. The discovery of the map is the prelude to an adventurous journey that will take young Jim across the world. The volume includes a wide variety of activities for the four skills, several Ket-style level A2 tests, and dossiers that explore and expand the cultural and historical aspects associated with the story. The volume ends with an exit test and provides a full recording of the text.

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