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    • A Christmas Carol
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    • Charles Dickens     

      A Christmas Carol

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      One of the most famous novels by Dickens, it has enjoyed great popularity since its publication and is considered the greatest English Christmas story.

      It’s Christmas Eve in London. Ebezener Scrooge, an old, greedy and cold-hearted man, is working in his counting house. Fred, his nephew, comes into the office and invites his uncle to spend Christmas with him and his family. But Scrooge refuses. He will spend Christmas Eve like any other evening, alone. But that night something happens: three spirits, one after another, come and visit Mr Scrooge. They show him his past, his present and his future, and what they reveal will change Mr Scrooge’s life forever.


      List of Characters - A Christmas Carol - Activities - Dossier - Glossary.

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