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    • Jennifer Milton   

      Run, Ringo, run!

      Level A1

      Ava works in the city kennel because she loves dogs.

      She particularly loves Ringo, a beautiful German Shepherd. She is also fond of Charlie, a troubled kid, who lives with his criminal uncle.

      Will Ava manage to win him over and save him from a life of crime?

      Run, Ringo, Run! is a beautiful story about affection, friendship and... dogs.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      Mystery Cruise

      Level A1

      Twelve-year-old Charlotte is on a cruise. She meets a nice lady who suddenly disappears, but everyone wants to make her believe that the woman was never on the ship. With the help of her new friend, Jack, Charlotte must solve the mystery. This intriguing adventure is written in simple language, comprehensible to students with a basic knowledge of English. The book includes a selection of grammar and vocabulary exercises, a dossier about British explorations and pirates and files Mp3 with the complete recording of the text.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      The Thief

      Level A1

      Who stole the students’ mobiles at the Oak, one of the most prestigious schools in England? When a group of students start investigating, they discover something very surprising! Bullies, nerds and princes are the protagonists of this teen story that is also a tale about love and friendship.

      Written in very simple language (A1), the narrative is ideal for students with a basic knowledge of English. The book includes comprehension and vocabulary exercises, a dossier about the English countryside and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      Dangerous Fashion

      Level A2

      Josh lives in India with his family. This year, he and his father are going to London, to take part in an auction at Sotheby’s. Here, he meets Violet, the pretty daughter of one of his father’s partners.

      She is beautiful, creative, and a great fashion lover. Her love for fashion will lead them on an adventure through some of London’s most dangerous areas.

      Dangerous fashion is an engaging story that will help you discover less well-known, but fascinating parts of London.

      The volume includes a wide range of activities and two in-depth dossiers: one about English food and one about the East End, once the reign of Jack the Ripper and now a rapidly changing area.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      The Pet Sitter

      Level A1

      Noah is on holiday with his family on the Isle of Scilly.

      Here he meets Nadia, who works as a pet sitter for Mr and Mrs Parker. Noah likes the pretty Nadia. The next day, he goes to meet her, but she doesn’t come to the date.

      “She left last night“ says Mrs Parker. But Noah doesn’t believe her. And, with the help of his cousin, he starts investigating.

      The Pet Sitter is a thriller, but also a story about friendship and love. It is written in a simple language. It includes comprehension and KET activities and a dossier about the The island around the UK.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      A Special Friend

      Level A1

      At a prestigious institute for rich Londoners, the life of fourteen-year-old Lucas suddenly changes when he meets Olise, the new student from Nigeria... Lucas and Olise quickly become great friends while working on a Geography project together, but one day, after a running race at school, Olise disappears.

      What has happened to Lucas’ friend? Why did he leave so suddenly?

      Read the intriguing story of Lucas and Olise and find out what secrets the boy from Nigeria hides.

      Written in very simple language (level A1), the story is comprehensible for students with a basic knowledge of English. The book includes a selection of grammar and vocabulary exercises, dossiers about London and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      Love and Crime at the Hamptons

      Level A2

      The Hamptons, where the rich and powerful New Yorkers have their summer residences, is the setting of the story.

      It is here that Ben, the protagonist, returns after one year at university, determined to quit college and become an actor. At the Hamptons, after a family party, Ben meets a mysterious and beautiful girl named Charlotte on the beach. He falls in love with her but shortly afterward Charlotte disappears, breaking Ben’s heart. However, the story doesn’t end here. In New York three years later, something surprising happens...

      You will enjoy this suspense filled tale of intrigue and mystery, laced with romance, as you read to discover the fate of Ben and Charlotte.

      Every chapter is accompanied by didactic activities which focus on reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

      The volume includes a detailed dossier about the Hamptons, New York and the United States.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      King Arthur

      The Knights of the Round Table and other Famous Stories. Level A1/A2

      In this book you will read the beautiful and captivating tales of King Arthur, the legend of the Sword in the Stone, the tormented love story of Lancelot and Guinevere, the romantic drama of Tristam and Isolde, and the journey of Perceval. All set in Brittany, these stories inspire the reader with a sense of wonder and magic.

      Written in simple language, with the help of footnotes and images, they can be read by beginners.

      The book includes an in-depth dossier (about the origins and the development of the legend of King Arthur and about the great legends and stories of Britain and America), grammar and vocabulary exercises, and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      Robin Hood

      Level A1/A2

      Robin Hood narrates the adventures of the legendary Robin Hood in the Forest of Sherwood where he hides out with his “merry men”. Much, his best friend, Little John, Friar Tuck... are the heroes of this band of outlaws who fight against the injustice and abuses of the sheriff of Nottingham and of Lord Guy of Gisbourne.

      But this is not only a story about courage and knights, it is also the romantic story of the beautiful Lady Marian and the archer of Sherwood Forest. His great love for her leads him to put his life at stake to save her from an unhappy marriage to a cruel man.

      One day, after years of absence, King Richard the Lionheart returns to England from his crusades and pardons Robin Hood, giving him back his lands and restoring him to his noble position.

      Narrated with simple language, Robin Hood contains two in-depth dossiers and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.

    • Jennifer Milton   


      Level A1

      Patrick has just moved with his mother from New York Jennifer Milton to a little village in Wales.

      In his new school he is an outsider and cannot make friends. He feels very lonely until one day he meets Priscilla, a “freak” for the villagers, but a beautiful and attractive girl for Patrick.

      They fall in love and everything seems perfect until her 16th birthday, when something terrible and mysterious happens. Is Priscilla going to turn into a vampire?

      A thrilling mystery, this “gothic” tale is also a beautiful love story. Written in simple language, with the help of images throughout the text and footnotes, it is comprehensible for beginners. The book includes a wide selection of grammar and vocabulary exercises, in-depth dossiers and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.