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    • Jennifer Milton     


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      Patrick has just moved with his mother from New York Jennifer Milton to a little village in Wales.

      In his new school he is an outsider and cannot make friends. He feels very lonely until one day he meets Priscilla, a “freak” for the villagers, but a beautiful and attractive girl for Patrick.

      They fall in love and everything seems perfect until her 16th birthday, when something terrible and mysterious happens. Is Priscilla going to turn into a vampire?

      A thrilling mystery, this “gothic” tale is also a beautiful love story. Written in simple language, with the help of images throughout the text and footnotes, it is comprehensible for beginners. The book includes a wide selection of grammar and vocabulary exercises, in-depth dossiers and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.


      In Wales - Mails - Priscilla - Falling in Love - The Red House - Telepathy - Priscilla’s Birthday - Vampire - Eight Months Later.

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