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    • King Kong
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    • Richard Mildmay     

      King Kong

      Level A1/A2

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      Ann Darrow is an actress in New York, in the 1930s. One day she meets Carl Denham, a famous film-maker. He convinces her to go to a beautiful island to shoot a new film. On the way there, she meets Jack, a sailor. The two fall in love – but the island is more dangerous than it looks.

      King Kong is a new version of the classic story about adventure, love and giant gorillas. It is written in simple language and includes many comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar activities. In addition, there is a dossier about 1930s America.

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      Dimensioni: 15 x 21
      Pagine: 64
      ISBN: 9788820384449
      Prezzo: € 7,90