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    • Olga Lee Rachello     

      Y Generation

      Level A2

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      Margaret is sixteen, she’s pretty and sweet and has a passion for acting. Jack is handsome and comes from a rich family. They meet, fall in love, and are happy together until Jack’s family interferes and their relationship falls apart. Jack leaves the city, and Margaret goes on with life, but things aren’t the same without him.

      Set in modern day London, it is a passionate tale about two teenagers who are ordinary and at the same time extraordinary, just like their love story.

      The volume includes a wide selection of reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises, activities on communication and culture (CLIL), as well as a section dedicated to everyday language.


      Un’appassionante vicenda ambientata in una Londra dei nostri tempi che vede protagonisti due ragazzi normali e nello stesso tempo speciali, come normale e speciale è la loro storia. Lei è Margaret, sedici anni, dolce e carina. Lui è Jack, bello e ricco.

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