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    • The Secret Garden
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    • Frances Hodgson Burnett     

      The Secret Garden

      Level A2/B1

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      Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden is one of the most beloved classics of English literature. Set in the castle of Misselthwaite in the Yorkshire, it is a tale of transformation, full of mystery and suspense. Its protagonist, Mary Lennox, is described as a spoiled and self-centred child. When she finds the secret garden she starts a journey of self-discovery and helps her sickly cousin, Colin, to find the door to happiness.

      Written in simple language, the volume is enhanced by lexical notes, in-depth dossiers about India and children’s literature, grammar and vocabulary exercises, and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.


      Mary Lennox - At Misselthwaite - In the Manor - The Secret Garden - Colin - A Crisis - Together - Family. After yuo read.

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