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    • Oscar Wilde     

      The Picture of Dorian Gray

      Level B2

    • The Picture of Dorian Gray
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    • Oscar Wilde     

      The Picture of Dorian Gray

      Level B2

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      Dorian Gray is new in London and his life changes when he meets the painter Basil Hallward and his friend Lord Henry Wotton. Lord Henry encourages Dorian to live for beauty and youth. This leads Dorian on a strange adventure through the city and society, its theatres and romances, where appearances and intentions do not always match.

      Dorian begins to discover not just the glitz of Lord Henry’s circle, but the horror and darkness hiding not too far beneath the surface. The text includes a variety of activities for the four skills and dossiers to explore and expand the cultural and historical aspects associated with the story. The volume also provides a recording of some parts of the text.

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