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    • Scott Wheeldon     

      The Beatles

      Level B1

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      The Beatles are the most famous group of all time. Even today their music is heard throughout the world and continues to inspire thousands of people across the globe. But where did it all begin? How did four young men rise up from the rough working-class streets of Liverpool to become the most famous musicians on the planet? This is the story of their lives, which were touched by death, tragedy, mysticism and mystery but, most importantly, it is the story of some of the greatest music ever created and how, in the words of John Lennon, there is nothing you can do that can’t be done.

      Written in simplified and contemporary language, this captivating story of a modern music phenomenon is an excellent way to learn English. The volume has comprehensive teaching material, enhanced by lexical notes, in-depth dossiers (CLIL) and an Audio-CD with the complete recording of the text.


      All those years ago - A hard day’s night - Getting better all the time - Money can’t buy me love - Revolution in the head - If i needed someone - Time of trouble - And in the end... - And the world will live as one. Exercises for the Certification of Level B1. Timeline.

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