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    • Pride and Prejudice
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      Pride and Prejudice

      Level A2/B1

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      One of the most famous romances in the history of literature, Pride and Prejudice, set in the England of the early 19th century, tells the tormented love story between Elizabeth and Darcy. They are surrounded by many unforgettable characters: the superficial and silly Mrs Bennet, the ridiculous Mr Collins, the arrogant Lady Catherine and the beautiful, sweet Jane.

      Even if love is the great protagonist of this novel, Pride and Prejudice is worth reading for other important themes like the role of women and the importance of wealth in the 19th century.

      In the volume, besides a wide range of exercises on vocabulary and grammar, two in-depth Dossiers focus on the society and customs of the time and describe the novel of manners, a literary genre to which most of Jane Austen’s works belong. An Audio-CD contains the complete recording of the text.


      A New Neighbour - At Mr Bingley’s - Mr Collins and Mr Wickham - An Unexpected Marriage Proposal - At Rosings - Another Unexpected Marriage Proposal - Lydia! - A Happy End.

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