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    • Murder in the Castle
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    • Olga Lee Rachello     

      Murder in the Castle

      Level A2

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      On a beautiful spring day, Rose and Kenny arrive at the Olga Lee Rachello castle of Lord Robert Raeburn, baron of Easton, who has asked them to come work for him. They meet Lord Robert’s family members, who seem to only love the baron’s money. Indeed, after a few days, the baron is murdered. But who is responsible? The police arrest William, a family friend, but Kenny is not convinced that he is the murderer. In the end, Kenny solves the case thanks to a brilliant intuition. A murder mystery with a touch of romance, full of suspense and unexpected developments, it is a valuable resource for students in their language learning experience.

      Every chapter is accompanied by didactic activities which focus on reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. The volume also includes a detailed dossier at the end (CLIL) and an audio CD with a recording of the story.


      Un racconto giallo tinto di rosa, pieno di suspense e colpi di scena, divertente e appassionante, che narra la storia di un crimine di cui non si conosce il colpevole. Solo alla fine, grazie a una brillante intuizione di uno dei personaggi, la verità verrà a galla.

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