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    • Gulliver’s Travels
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    • Jonathan Swift     

      Gulliver’s Travels

      Level A2/B1

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      Lemuel Gulliver, first a ship’s surgeon then a ship’s captain, accidentally takes us on an extraordinary adventure to four countries which do not exist on any map. We learn about the strange habits of the tiny people of Lilliput and the dangers of living with giant people and animals in Brobdingnag. We know about bizarre scientific experiments on a flying island and come face to face with ugly beasts that look like humans but are not able to reason like the intelligent horses who rule the land. Gulliver describes all his strange experiences in wonderful detail so that we see exactly what he sees and feels. When he finally returns home, he is a wiser man now that he has learned the different ways of seeing the world.

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      Dimensioni: 15 x 21
      Pagine: 128
      ISBN: 9788820384456
      Prezzo: € 8,90