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    • Fernanda Bocconi Azadinho     

      Sabor Brasil

      Recipes and Tales from the brazilian culinary Tradition

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      Nothing is more colourful, tasty and diverse than Brazilian cuisine. In over 500 years of natives and immigrants living together, an infinity of dishes has emerged – an irresistible mix of flavours and aromas that share a strong bond with local products and traditions.
      Originally a website dedicated to Brazilian dishes for Italians, Sabor Brasil is now a book featuring countless recipes from this huge country, told in a fascinating journey through facts and flavours. In addition to describing the ingredients and cooking procedures, the author also explains the origins of the recipes, which are often linked to specific geographical areas; she analyses how food is experienced by Brazilians and describes where it is enjoyed and the rituals surrounding it.

      About the author

      Fernanda Bocconi Azadinho was born in Brazil from an Italian father and Portuguese mother. She has lived in Italy for over thirty years. She graduated in architecture. She is the creator of www.saborbrasil.it and organises Brazilian cuisine courses and events.

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