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      Leonard Cohen

      Almost like a Blues Song

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      This book is about the life and career of the famous Canadian artist Leonard Cohen, one of the most significant figures in twentieth-century song-writing.

      Always straddling the line between music and poetry, his writing was imbued with symbolism and metaphors, as he explored the innermost recesses of the human soul and turned the personal into the universal.

      The book begins with the artist's strict orthodox Jewish upbringing. As an adolescent, he began to rebel against the oppressive world and took refuge in writing and poetry. But it was Bob Dylan's work that sparked his interest in music and convinced him to become a songwriter himself.

      As we know, it was the beginning of sixty years of unrelenting song-writing dripping with poetry. Cohen penned fifteen albums, each one a masterpieces of sensitivity in his quest for the meaning of life. Some of his songs, such as Suzanne, Bird On The Wire and Hallelujah have become timeless cornerstones of the collective imagination.

      Almost maniacal in his quest for perfection, Cohen never wrote to meet the commercial demands of record companies and always forged his records over long periods of time, giving his fans gems for thought.

      About the author

      Roberto Caselli is a journalist, music critic and the long-time voice of Radio Popolare. He has numerous books to his credit with various publishing houses, as well as long-standing collaborations with newspapers, specialised magazines, encyclopaedias and websites.

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