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    • History of Disco Music
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    • Andrea Angeli Bufalini      Giovanni Savastano     

      History of Disco Music

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      Exactly 40 years ago – and after more than half a decade of unrivalled domination – disco music was at its peak. Some tried to get rid of its every trace, but to no avail – disco music had become a part of music’s very DNA.

      This book investigates the roots, genesis and growth of a melting pot of sound, culture and society with countless creative ramifications.

      Blending multiple rhythms and colours as well as the genre’s most iconic figures, quotes and anecdotes, the book recalls even the less notable figures who left their mark on the sounds of the common imagination. Each section of the book includes a discography exceeding 150 titles.

      About the author

      Andrea Angeli Bufalini is a journalist, musical critic, writer and executive at Radio Rai. He has worked with the industry’s magazines for many years.

      Giovanni Savastano is a teacher and writer with a passion for music and cinema. He has written for music magazines and has collaborated with Radio Rai.

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