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      Crocodile Rock

      Stories, Anecdotes, Curiosities and Everything that brings Music and Animals together

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      For the first time, this book gathers the bands, songs, instruments and the stars' pets to tell us about all the most interesting and amusing links between the world of music and the world of animals.

      The animal kingdom is the source of so much sound – think of the songs of birds, the rhythm of horses’ hooves, the melodies of wildcats and the howling of wolves. Man has learnt to speak, sing and play by imitating the voices of nature and has drawn on them to create countless creative experiments: musical instruments made from elements taken from the animal world, melodic lines inspired by the verses of quadrupeds and birds, and sample sounds from the animal kingdom woven into actual musical compositions.

      Pop rock has always had a particular fascination for animals, be they puppies, wild beasts, insects, snakes or birds. From the Beatles to the Scorpions, from the Animals to the Eagles, from DikDik to Pooh, hundreds of groups have taken their names from animals since the 1950s, often embodying their characteristics. Thousands of songs and albums are about lovable beasts or wild animals, and there are countless stars who have always shown affection and respect for their pets, supporting animal welfare organisations or funding animal protection projects.

      This is an ideal gift book. It features exclusive images and caters to a broad target audience that transcends the boundaries of music and animal lovers; in fact, all readers will be excited to discover unique, amusing and exciting stories and anecdotes.

      About the author

      Ezio Guaitamacchi is a pop rock critic, writer, radio/TV writer and entertainer; his work has made him a salient figure in music journalism. He has published over 20 essays on rock and music in general.

      Antonio Bacciocchi is a drummer with 50 records in the indie rock field under his belt; he is also a blogger, writer and contributor to Il Manifesto, Libertà and the monthly Classic Rock, as well as a jury member for Premio Tenco. He works for RadioCoop.

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