Autore: Herbert George Wells

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    • Herbert George Wells   

      The Time Machine

      Level B2/C1

      H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine is the story of the Time Traveller who sets out on an astonishing journey into the future with his Time Machine. This extraordinary machine takes him to a world where society has been divided into two classes: the aristocratic, child-like Eloi and the menacing, nocturnal Morlocks who live underground and are the industrial workers in the year 802,701. The social divide is much worse in Wells’s shocking futuristic vision of society. However, despite Wells’s pessimistic view, The Time Machine remains an entertaining and exciting adventure and a brilliant critique of his own society.

      The volume includes a timeline of the historical background of H.G. Wells’s age; a full biographical introduction about the author; twelve sections with comprehension activities and CAE-style tests for C1 level; accurate footnotes; critical opinions and selectedpassages included in the audio.