Autore: Emily Brontë

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    • Emily Brontë   

      Wuthering Heights

      Level B2

      After experiencing a ghostly visitation whilst staying at Wuthering Heights, a visitor to the moors is told the story of those who once lived, and those that still reside at the mysterious house. So begins one of the most passionate and tragic stories to ever grace English literature; where the passion and hatred of one man threaten to destroy not only him but all of those around him. Consumed by bitterness and heartache at the loss of his one true love, Heathcliff will stop at nothing to bring ruin and misery to the two families he feels are responsible for his fate. Yet in the end, it might be that love will still, eventually, conquer all.

      The brooding majesty of Emily Bronte’s classic novel has enthralled readers since its first publication in 1836. Here it has been retold using language which will be familiar to readers at a B1+/B2 level. The volume is complete with activities and exercises which provide useful tools for certificate/exam attainment, as well as dossiers that explore the cultural aspects associated with the historical and literary period in which the author lived.