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    • The Scarlet Letter
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    • Nathaniel Hawthorne     

      The Scarlet Letter

      Level B2

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      Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, set in 17th century Puritan Boston, tells the dramatic tale of Hester Prynne, the young mother of an illegitimate child, condemned to wear a scarlet letter A, the humiliating symbol that identifies her as an adulteress. In this volume, the story is written in a more simplified language with the use of modern English.

      The text includes an introduction to Hawthorne’s life and works; a variety of activities for the four skills; Pet-style level B1 tests; and dossiers to explore and expand the cultural and historical aspects associated with the story.

      The volume ends with an exit test and provides a recording of some parts of the text.


      Dossier: Nathaniel Hawthorne: Life and Career - The Pedestal of Infamy - The Oath - Pearl - The Elf-Child and the Minister - Dossier: The Salem Witch Trials - The Leech - The Minister’s Remorse - Hester and the Physician - A Forest Walk - Dossier: The History of Boston - The Child at the Brookside - The Minister’s Temptations - The Procession - Dossier: The Origins of a Dream.

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